Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE) is…

Become an expert on stress and disease...a set of strategies that assists you to discover the original stressful event behind your health issue. Using the ACE Strategies will help you find the root cause, assist you to clear the emotional and/or physical energy behind the event and help return your body to its natural energetic flow.

ACE answers 'Why We Get Sick' by showing you the step by step process that almost every disease takes. It provides strategies to help you uncover the root problem, allowing you to learn from the event, transform it, and clear the issue. Sometimes in minutes. Once gone, your body then heals itself, something it’s always known how to do.

Advanced Clearing Energetics target the stress and release it so your body can begin healing itself. Learn the REAL connection between stress and disease and how we can begin living healthier.

Finding answers to health questionsI am looking for answers to my health concerns and want to truly understand how we get sick or experience pain and how I can clear it.
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professional health skills developmentI currently work with clients on health issues but want to expand my skills. I am open to alternative practices. I want to be able to offer my clients more and see amazing results.
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alternative health careerI want to begin a new career in Health and start my own Alternative Health practice. I want to work with people and help them resolve their health issues.
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teach in the alternative health fieldI want to become a Trainer. I want to coordinate training events both locally, nationally and possibly internationally. I like to travel and meet new people.
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