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I am a Student but can't seem to find my courses

First, use the Membership Log In form at the top of this page to log into the website. This will automatically take you to your course access links. If you see "My Account" in the last box at the top of this page, select "My Account" from the menu to access your Course Access links.

I am logged in but my courses aren't showing on "My Account"

CHECK: Did a Payment not get processed?
If you are on a monthly payment plan and for some reason a payment did not go through, the system will automatically demote you from student to public access only. You will get a message from Paypal saying your account has been suspended (this is automated). You will need to check your funding source in paypal to ensure that where the money is coming out of, that there is sufficient funds available. Contact us to let us know what is happening with your tuition payment and we will reactivate your account manually.

If you still can't access a course that you registered for, Send us an email and let us know which course(s) you registered to and the date you signed up. Include your username if possible so we can look up your student account and find out why you can't see the course you registered for. We will verify the issue, correct it if verified and email you with the status of account.

We will ALWAYS speak with you before PURPOSELY demoting or suspending your account. If we haven't contacted you and you receive a notice of suspension, check your funding source and arrange for us to take the missed payment once it has been sorted.

I can't log in

Please make sure, if copy/pasting your username or password into the log in form, that you do not add additional character spaces before or after your username/password when highlighting. 99% of the time this is the main issue when logging in for the first time.

Forgot Password

Go to the Members/Sign-in page and select "Forgot Password" to create a new one. An email verification is required.

I am NEW here

If you have never registered for a course and are interested in taking an ACE Course, please Go here to Review Course Options or select one of the options that describes you:

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