[India] Level 1-3 Live ACE Training

4 Sep 2013 - 09:00

More Details are coming…..

Richard Flook will be in India from September 4-8 with Master Trainer Anu Mehta to train the first 3 levels of ACE.

You can review the course details for each level on the ACE Course Listing Page to find out what you will learn in these course trainings.

We will have details on how to Register for this live event soon.

If interested in attending these 3 levels of training in India, please Send us an email so that we can include you in upcoming updates about the venue, costs and location.

2 comments on “[India] Level 1-3 Live ACE Training
  1. shona linton says:

    I have read Why am i sick ? (earlier version) and studied with richard. I loved the book so much i passed it on to a friend and am gutted not still to have it. Looking forward to the new emerging thoughts in 2013, already pre ordered. xx Just one question for you, the reader TRUTH? do you want to know really the answer to the question why am I sick? then get the book and read on my fellow searchers of knowledge and simplicity for our new health. x

  2. Marissa Brincat says:

    Just watched the videos you have posted here in Australia. Looking forward to tomorrows now.
    Thank you for the opportunity to still be involved in the ACE level 1 weekend.