[Prague] Hypnosis MR Training (Czech Republic)

25 Oct 2013 - 09:30


Join Richard in Prague for Hynotherapy MR Training in the Czech Republic. Course will be in English with Czech Language Translation.

For Detail contact M.Noskova –

Training in English will be translated into Czech Language.

NLP training – 4 days – price 14 400,- czk
Hypnosis of Morphic Resonance seminar – 2,5 days – price 7 500,- czk

Exchange rate from CZK currency here:

NLP training – each day from 9:30 am until 6:00 pm
Hypnosis Morphic Resonance seminar – Friday 2:30 pm – 6:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

How the universe affects us all.

It’s way more than you think….

Scientists in remote parts of the world are studying the elusive neutrino. A particle so small that it can pass right through mother earth but, in its wake, it leaves a trail of energy. Could that energy be significant to us as human beings? Could it affect our lives and how we react with others? The people who study Human Design System believe it. It affects your Morphic field which resonates around you.

Most Neutrinos come from the sun but, they also emanate from other planets in our solar system. Every second, we are being bombarded with 65 billion per centimeter of these neutrinos. It is these interactions that seem to determine our morphic field and our energetic makeup as humans. At a certain stage in our development, in the womb, and also as we are born, the influence of these particles imprint us and make us who we are, energetically. Human Design System allows us to study that imprint and discover more about our own personal makeup, how we make decisions, why we are like we are and who we enjoy being with.

Taking your place and time of birth, you can discover your Human Design System Mandala, a colorful, spiritual-looking picture of your energetic makeup. The very first thing you learn is what type of basic personality you are. That is, whether you are a generator, manifestor, projector or reflector.

The generators account for the majority of the population and the reflectors account for the least. As this is an energetic system, it naturally determines how much energy we have and how much your Morphic field affects others around you. When you look at your Mandala, you will either notice many squares full of color or only a handful.

One of those squares is called the sacral center and if that is full, you are a generator. 70% of the world’s population are generators. Energetically they have lots of energy and theoretically they can keep going until they fall over from exhaustion. It’s also a very primeval, full of life force energy and important, as this is where Generators real intuitive decisions come from. The other three, projectors, manifestors and reflectors are missing this sacral center and subsequently make decisions in very different ways. These also pick up on the Generators energy, as they are missing this life force energy. In some instances, they can become addicted to this energy causing many problems and conflicts. It’s only when they are away from a generators field do they suddenly feel like themselves.

What this means is that our Morphic field is influencing or being influenced, all the time, by others and since we are all different, we all experience other people in a different way.

Understanding who we are, our energetic blue-print, is not only exciting, not only enlightening, it is also life changing. When I found out what makeup I was, it answered so many questions and drove me to change so many things in my life, for the better.

You can find out more about who you are, gain a glimpse into the Human Design System and discover the magic of how your own morphic field resonates and surrounds you, in our next Hypnosis and Morphic Resonance training.

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  1. shona linton says:

    I have read Why am i sick ? (earlier version) and studied with richard. I loved the book so much i passed it on to a friend and am gutted not still to have it. Looking forward to the new emerging thoughts in 2013, already pre ordered. xx Just one question for you, the reader TRUTH? do you want to know really the answer to the question why am I sick? then get the book and read on my fellow searchers of knowledge and simplicity for our new health. x

  2. Marissa Brincat says:

    Just watched the videos you have posted here in Australia. Looking forward to tomorrows now.
    Thank you for the opportunity to still be involved in the ACE level 1 weekend.