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ACE Consultations

Booking an ACE Consultation




ACE Practitioners can assist you to find the underlying conflict behind your health issue and assist you to clear those issues so that you can begin the path towards wellness. After booking a Consultation, a Practitioner will connect with you to set up your meeting time.

ACE Practitioners are available worldwide to work with you via Phone, Skype or In-Person (depending on location) consultations. Depending on availability, he/she may be in a different city or state/province or timezone, but we will do what we can to match you up with someone who is close in proximity so you can set up an appointment time that works for both of you.




Connecting with Your Practitioner


people-discussingWe have a few options available to you for meeting up for your consultation. Many of our Practitioners meet with clients over the internet using Skype (A free download that allows you to talk over a microphone online). We have found that this method works incredibly well for both Practitioner and client. Our practitioners may also be able to meet with you via phone consultation or in person depending on proximity to your nearest practitioner.

Using Skype is a great way to meet as it reduces travel time, more appointments are kept, and it reduces expenses. As practitioners may be located in another city or state/province, it opens up opportunity for you to still have access to a Qualified Practitioner and referrals to other Practitioners in further locations are easily accessible. If Skype is not possible, phone or in-person consults would be considered.



Adding Skype to Your Computer


skypeWe recommend that you add Skype to your computer. (Video is optional but recommended).

Skype is a free communication tool that will allow you to speak personally to your ACE Practitioner over the
internet using VOIP (Voice over internet protocol). This program is free to download at and takes a few moments to set up. You will also need a microphone (a headset with microphone is preferred) to speak with your ACE Practitioner. A web (video) cam is optional but will allow your ACE Practitioner to work with you face to face just as though you were face to face in their office.

Bonus: Skype is used by millions to communicate near and far. You can connect with other skype users (family, friends etc) anywhere in the world free! It's easy to set up and install on your computer.



Booking a Consultation


1390882832_TimetableWe get many many requests for Consults/Sessions. Due to Richard's Travel and Busy schedule of Trainings and Speaking engagements, he is personally not scheduling any clients for himself at the moment but will refer you to a Qualified Certified ACE Practitioner. ACE Practitioners have access to Richard and may also consult with him (as needed) on your health issue, with your consent.

Your first consultation can be booked by using the form found in the link below. Followup appointments can be booked directly with your Practitioner if followup sessions are required. Additional sessions will be "billed" directly from your practitioner to you and you do not need to return to this website for additional bookings.

Cost of Initial Session : $397 (regular $497)

Note: ACE Practitioner Followup Session Fees can vary. When referring you to an ACE Practitioner, your first consult booked through the ACE Website is $397.00 CAD which covers your first session. Fees are passed onto the referred Practitioner. Followup sessions may be charged at a different rate and you can request their rates before working with them.

Book Consult with ACE Practitioner



When will I hear from my ACE Practitioner?


1389821207_inboxPlease allow up to 5 Business days for an ACE Practitioner to respond BY EMAIL and book your appointment time. Your Practitioner will share your options for meeting (Skype,Phone,In Person) depending on location.

We have a short waiting list and will work diligently to set up your appointment as quickly as possible. The quicker we received the completed online form, the faster we will be able to match you to an ACE Practitioner and get your appointment set up. We need the form filled in before arranging an ACE Practitioner. If you do not hear from your practitioner within a week of filling in this form, please feel free to contact us.



Book a Consult with Richard


Due to travel, trainings, speaking engagements and family committments, Richard has limited his client consults. We recommend selecting the above option to be referred to a Certified ACE Practitioner to avoid long waiting time.


Richard's Personal Session Fees

Consult: $10497.00 US

Consults are done either via Skype, Over the Phone or in-person (depending on location). If you wish to meet in person for a
personal consultation, Richard's office is located in Grimsby, ON (Near Hamilton/Toronto).

Private Consult Session with Richard Flook



Select Your Option

Please note, The ACE Website does not take consult requests via email..
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