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ACE Level 1 - Overview

Full Course Name:
Advanced Clearing Energetics® Level 1

Basic Description:
ACE Level 1 is the foundation for all Advanced Clearing Energetics® Practitioner courses. It provides the major premise behind almost all disease, illness or pain. ACE Level 1 includes coaching strategies to helping a client find the root issues behind their health problem and clear our the underlying conflicts so healing can take place. The key strategies in this course will assist you to help your client to remove the blocks that are preventing them from getting better.

This incredible course provides any eye opening and revealing look into how most disease, sickness and pain really occurs where it seems to not be explainable. While provided as a certification course, this course is meant for anyone who wants to really learn about why they are sick and what they can do to begin healing.

ACE 1 Full Details


ACE Level 2 - Overview

Full Course Name:
Advanced Clearing Energetics® Level 2

Basic Description:
ACE Level 2 expands upon the strategies in Level 1 by giving you an in-depth look at the link between your body, stress and the environment. In Level 2 you will learn how the body processes information it receives and understand why it chooses certain organs to respond by forming a pain, sickness or disease. You will understand the 4 key areas of the body the work together to deal with the underlying conflicts at the root of your health issues.

You will begin to understand how the conflicts happening inside certain areas of the body are connected to what's happening in your life or environment, assisting your client pin point the root causes behind their health issues more rapidly. You will also learn how to listen to key phrases your clients speaks and determine their significance and impact to what's going on inside of them.

ACE 2 Full Details


ACE Level 3 - Overview

Full Course Name:
Advanced Clearing Energetics® Level 3

Basic Description:
ACE Level 3 takes everything you learned about mental health to the next level. You will learn why a person can be healthy one day and suddenly develop a psychological issue the next. You will discover why the body decides to produce a psychological issue instead of a physical illness.

This level covers everything from addictions, ADHD and other behaviour issues, Anorexia and Bulimia, Manic Depression, Anxiety, Autism and a host of other mental health concerns that take root in the brain.

ACE 3 Full Details


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