DETAILS: NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy Training

Gain MORE from your life.
Achieve whatever you set Your Mind to.
Attain Better Health, Wealth and Well-Being.
Communicate Effectively at Work or Home.
Become a Powerful Master of your own Positive and Influential Mindset.

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Is your life secretly challenging? Do you wish you could:

  • Change aspects of your relationships?
  • Increase your income?
  • Quit your job?
  • Make Better Decisions?
  • Communicate effectively both at work or home?
  • Understand your clients better so you increase your business growth?
  • Understand your employees or boss better so you can be more productive or influential?
  • Make incredible changes on how you see yourself?
  • Be truly you?

Have you ever asked yourself what successful people are doing that you are not?

This powerful course will show you how to get more of what YOU want from your life and provide you with skills to reach your absolute fullest potential, not just in your professional life but also in your health and personal development too.

Create unlimited happiness in your life. Increase loving relationships. Be successful in everything you do. Feel completely healthy and happy inside. Have the life and lifestyle you WANT.

The majority of people live a life of mediocrity, regardless of how wealthy they are. On the outside all seems good, but why do people still suffer? Why do I see so many people not living the life they REALLY want?
Hi, My name is Richard Flook. Over 20 years ago, I struggled with these same questions myself (Read My Story) until I discovered these amazing training techniques which changed my life. I now train these same techniques all over the world.

If you are interested in being the person you truly know you can be and having more from you life, if I told you, you could absolutely achieve this, what would that be worth to you?

In these life changing Sessions I will train you in the most advanced set of techniques in NLP and Timeline Therapy to allow you to get more from your life and equip you with the tools to have the life you want. I have perfected these techniques and I believe them to be some of the best ways of creating more from your life on the planet today.

newseal2Bonus Sessions:
Overcome the health issues holding you back. While teaching NLP and Time Line Therapy®, we introduce Advanced Clearing Energetics®, a powerful set of strategies which help you to uncover clear out issues such as anxiety, fear, depression, and mania plus many other health challenges. They can also be used to assist in resolving chronic issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, muscular aches and pains, plus help with major issues such as chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis or even cancer.
We include additional material such as Advanced Clearing Energetics™ to assist you in finding out the cause of your hidden deep seated issues so you can begin the process of truly living well from the inside out starting now!

Get MORE out of your life. Discover Your Unlimited Potential. Become Your Absolute Personal Best and Start Living the life YOU want!

I can show you how.

You will not only get certified as an NLP Practitioner with the American Board of NLP, but also introduced to Time Line Therapy® which you can apply for a certificate. You will be able to use these incredible techniques on yourself, your family, and your friends. If you want to go further you can turn your training into a new career.

What you will learn on this amazing course?

I have traveled the world studying different disciplines for changing emotions and stressful events and I believe that what I am offering you is truly amazing.

• Uncover the secrets for getting more from every area of your life
• Discover advanced communication techniques that will allow you to build deep trust with people without saying a word, so you can get what you want from them in a positive way
• Master language so you can really understand and relate to people, such as parents, bosses, work colleagues, even partners.
• Gain knowledge of the fundamental building blocks of the brain and know how to use these to effect massive and fast change at a deep level
• Find out how we all learn and then apply that to yourself, to create amazing feelings and to collapse old unwanted emotions
• Study how we make decisions, become motivated or reassured and therefore use these to solve or enhance your personal and professional life
• Release old, unwanted emotions from the past forever – get rid of stored up anger, sadness, fear or guilt
• Change decisions that have plagued you all your life, such as not being good enough or having no confidence.
• Learn how to set goals for your future so you can get the career you want, have the health you deserve, the relationship you desire
• Find out how to communicate with the deepest part of you, your unconscious mind therefore assisting you in every walk of your life, from confidence to health, from relationships to financial freedom
• Discover the fundamentals of Advanced Clearing Energetics™ and how to apply it, so you can get rid of obsessive thoughts, chronic symptoms, overcome health issues, resolve life issues, and become MORE of the true you.
• Use all these techniques to totally enrich your life and have great effect on all aspects of relationships, performance and well-being
plus much, much more……………

Get MORE out of your life in these 15 Sessions.....

This unique certified course has taken me 20 years to perfect. I am personally interested in you getting MORE of what you want from your life than you just leaving with only a certificate. Many similar courses take months to complete, cost three times as much, and just teach you NLP techniques without explaining how powerful each element really is. With this course, You will get the most up-to-date and additional training techniques to accelerate your learning.

If you want to learn from someone who has been there, in business, in the therapy room, from working with the terminally ill to coaching top business executives earning millions a year, someone who has traveled the world over training these advanced techniques to the skeptical public and to hard-nosed business people, then consider this course for you, you are getting the best training from one of the best trainers.

I use the most up-to-date training techniques to accelerate your learning.

  • I have designed pre-study material that is proven to ensure you know the content fully before you enter the online training room.
  • During the Live online training, you will be guided through specially designed exercises that make sure you fully understand and integrate all the techniques. Taking our time, we make sure you get what you are supposed to learn. At the same time you will get to challenge those old beliefs, emotions and assumptions that have hindered your life, you will get to discover how you can get more form your life, be the true you, become who you want to be.
  • Get one of the most advanced NLP Practitioner trainings as you will be introduced to Advanced Clearing Energetics™ techniques which will enhance your trainings and are not taught by any NLP Trainer anywhere else in the world!
  • You will have access to the replay recordings afterwards to watch or review again and again.
  • You will earn both the NLP Practitioner Certificate and the Time-Line Therapy Certificate of Completion
  • Accredited Training through the ABNLP (American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

You'll get ALL this Amazing Training Over 15 (3 Hour) Weekly Live Sessions

We have found that the brain can learn at lighting speed, and therefore we can train this material at an accelerated rate and if you follow our plan, our experience has shown us that you will be one of the more knowledgeable and proficient practitioners in this field.

If you are attending just to solve personal issues you will get life skills that are so advanced and so simple you will amaze yourself as to how you will use them everyday after the course.

We just don’t train you consciously but unconsciously as well, so what you learn is not something you have to think about but something that becomes a habit that will empower you everyday.

Course Materials Include:

  • 15 (3 Hour) Live Class Sessions with Your Trainer

    • NLP Practitioner Course Sessions
    • Timeline Therapy Course Sessions
  • Complete Course Manual (Download PDF)
  • Complete Online Pre-Study Course - 20 Online Playlists (Cd's converted to Digital Format) packed with mp3 audio files of NLP Training Material - You can select from either the 'Business Set' or the 'Health Set' Versions and you get unlimited online access
  • Pre-Study Manual (Download)
  • Slides for all the above Trainings (Download)
  • Written Test (PDF Download)
  • UNLIMITED Access to the Processed Recordings after the Class to download or view online
  • UNLIMITED Access Student Forums
  • UNLIMITED Access to Review Live Course Recorded Sessions

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