April 2014 Livestream Replay
"The Truth About why we get sick and how you can solve it"


free-webinar-smallFREE ACE Introductory Webinar
Discover the link between stress and disease. Find out what REALLY causes most sickness and pain. Find out how you can resolve those issues.

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"Freedom from Pain, Illness, and Disease"
May 2014 Webinar Presentation with Special Guest Speakers Jonathan Shaw (Pain) Anu Mehta (Abuse), Dr. Diana Stefani-Hunyadi (Diabetes), Anette SchouFrandsen (Public Speaking fears), and Jacqueline Michaud (Heart Attacks). Special Demo with Brian Green (Spinal Injury)

whatmattersmost-smallWhat Matters Most TV Show
Richard Flook shares Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE) in this spotlight interview on his new book "Why Am I Sick" along with a complete demonstration of ACE in action with Eric Anzalone (of Village People fame).

Alison Lingwood Persistant Pain: ACE Addressing Persistent Pain
Alison Lingwood discusses persistant pain and how Advanced Clearing Energetics can be used to clear out the underlying Issues.

paulbrowningInterview with Author Paul Browning
"7 People Saved My Life - How to Make it Back from Rock Bottom"
"7 People Saved My Life" is a book about how to cope when it seems that your life is falling apart. Lessons are learned as you follow Paul Browning along his journey into crippling debt, a long legal battle to save his company and, finally, the end of his marriage.

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