The International Association of Advanced Clearing Energetics adheres to high quality standards for Professional and Personal Development. Our courses are considered Professional Post Secondary Career information similar to the quality and professionalism of college and university courses. We closely and strictly adhere to similar policies that one would find in a college or university program when registering to courses. We have reviewed policies of over 100 college/university websites that offer similar online programs and have developed a policy that resembles similar guidelines to ensure the integrity of our course programs.

The courses in this website are provided through Richard Flook, originator of Advanced Clearing Energetics. Just as you would enroll in any distance training program online through a college or university, the online courses available on this website adhere to similar terms, conditions and standards of a University or College Level Program. As with any College or University Program, Course Enrollment fees are required to take these trainings and we have strict policies about the usage and refunds associated with taking these courses as stated below.

Courses are NOT Product offers and are provided as Professional Curriculum to enhance your knowledge. They are treated as Post-Secondary Level Trainings and therefore do not come with a "product guarantee". We provide a 7 Day Deposit Refund Policy and a 50 day Course refund policy in the terms and conditions below, which provides sufficient time to decide if the course is right for you. Please read the refund policy below for complete understanding of these policies.

Each course offered through this website requires you to be registered and logged in.

The courses are subject to the following policies and conditions:

Access to Website
Students are granted access to the course in which they enroll with a username/password combination. The student is solely responsible to protect their log in information and are expected to keep this information confidential. All course materials are provided through downloaded materials offered in the course resource sections. Students are responsible to use these course materials for the purpose of their own personal course studies and to respect the offering of these materials given and to keep them for your own personal use only.

Some sessions may be recorded. These sessions include classes, extra trainings, practicals and demo's. Your participation in these activities constitutes acceptance of being recorded (audio and/or video) for the purpose of these sessions. Other students (past/future) may have access to these recordings as part of a course)

Collection of Personal Information

We collect personal information about you for our own records. The information you provide is used to determine statistical information about the programs and geographic details of our students, clients and site visitors. Your personal information is not shared with third parties. We treat your information as confidential. Unless required by the governing authorities, your personal information is kept safe and not shared. We do not sell, trade or share our lists with anyone. Your privacy is important to us.

Downloads, log ins, Last Log in details are tracked and information collected in accordance with the following policies.

Refund Policy


The following policies on course refunds are strictly adhered to and no exceptions will be made. These policies are in effect as of April 2011 and your enrollment into one of our courses is subject to the acceptance of these policies. Anyone who enrolls in a course is said to have accepted these terms.

Online Course Policy
1. Deposit may only be refunded if we receive a written notice of withdrawal within 7 business days of submitting deposit and within 7 business days following release of online password access and you have not logged into the course website more than 2 times in this time period. A Refund of Deposit will be given if withdrawal request is received within the above deadline.

We also consider how many course materials have been downloaded within the logged in time. If more than 20% of materials have been downloaded during the logged in period, a deposit may not be refunded to cover the cost of purchase of those downloaded materials.

Notice of withdrawal may be submitted by email to trainings@whyamisick.com via email used to register for the course. Your submission via this email will act as a signature.

Values of Deposits for each Level:
Level 1-2: Deposit: $97 non-refundable after day 7.
Level 3-7: Deposit: $497 non-refundable after day 7.

2. It is expected that within 50 days of beginning the course you will know if its right for you. Full tuition minus deposit and a $20 administrative fee, may be refunded if we receive a written notice of withdrawal within 8-50 days of registering and within 50 days following release of online password access. Notice of withdrawal may be submitted by email to trainings@whyamisick.com. Refund of Course fees minus the deposit and less a $20.00 administrative fee if withdrawal request is received within the above deadline.

3. Notice of withdrawal from a course is not acceptable by telephone.

4. Cancelling a cheque or credit card payment, failing to log in or attend online lectures or class recordings, or advising the instructor that you will no longer attend online lectures or class recordings does not constitute an official withdrawal. Until official withdrawal is received via email to the above email address, your course fees will continue to accumulate and we may Bill you for the unpaid amount or seek other accepted means to collect what is owing.

5. No refund is granted after the noted refund deadlines. No refunds will be issued on courses after 50 days.

6. A refund is also subject to the return, in original condition, of any physical course materials that may have been issued (if any). Consideration of course materials which have been downloaded may also be considered in the return of funds within the 50 day period. (e.g. course manuals, resources etc which are included in the course price may be deducted if significant downloads have occurred in the time period.) We can not verify if you still have or do not have the materials on your computer but can verify if they have been downloaded through the system and as such, this verification will act as the decision as to whether your refund deducts the cost of materials downloaded.

7. Deposit is non-refundable after 7 days following release of online password access.

8. If your deposit was not refunded, if you received a refund within 50 days on remaining course fees, and you decide to re-enroll in the course at a later date as per above, you will not need to pay a new deposit on the course. You will be required to pay an administration fee of $75 to re-enter the course and begin a new monthly payment plan which will be arranged at the full course price minus the previously paid deposit amount.
If a student decides to withdraw from the course a second time, only future payments on the course will be cancelled. There will not be a refund on previous monthly payments.

8 a. If deposit was returned for a refund request within 7 days of initial payment and site access, and the student decides to re-enroll at a later date, full deposit and payment plan at full course cost will be required. Special offers on course fees will not be applicable.

8 b. If you need to cancel your course after the 50 days and any payments on the course fees have been received after the 50 days, the student may request for us to "suspend" the course fees until a later date when they will re-activate their course access. This is called "intent to continue". Please make a note of this when requesting a suspension on course until a later date.

The student's user access will be suspended when course fees are suspended. When the student re-enrolls to continue their studies a $25 reactivation fee will be required and an invoice will be issued for this one time fee via paypal.
Upon receipt of the $25 reactivation fee, the student's user access will be reactivated and so will the original payment plan (what is still owed).

9. No refunds will be issued to anyone who has received a Certificate for completing that course.

Live Course Policy
In the case of a attending a course being offered LIVE (in person or via web) the policy is as follows:

A. Full Payment will be returned only upon cancellation up to the day prior to the course start.
B. If you attend day 1 of the course and then decide its not right for you, we will refund your money minus the deposit amount.
C. If you attend beyond day 1, payment is non-refundable.
D. Anyone attending only the recording portion of the course, your payment is non-refundable. You will be given access to view the course recordings according to the time frame stated in the registration process.
E. If we cancel a live course training within 30-40 days prior to the training, we will provide you with alternative options (rain-checks) to attend either a live-stream and/or a future live training in your area. Every attempt is made to provide ample time for you to be notified 30 days prior to any cancellations so you can make alternative arrangements to your schedule and plans. Cancellations on location trainings generally only occur if there are not enough participants to form a full class. We will attempt to re-arrange a new training date and provide you with new details when those are available.

Refund Payments

Any Course fees owed as per above and any refunds on product purchases paid by credit card will be returned to the original credit card account within 50 days of payment. As we can not process a refund direct to a credit card after this time allotment.


No refund will be given after the above applicable deadlines. If you wish to withdraw after the deadlines, only future payments will be cancelled if on an installment plan.

Refund process

Refunds are issued through our secure merchant processor, Paypal, only to the student (unless a third party was invoiced) and can take up to 3 weeks from the date of withdrawal. Some students are referred to the course through a previous training or affiliate website. The refund in these circumstances can take longer to compensate for any commission payments adjustments made to referrers.

NSF or Missed Payments
NSF Payments returned due to insufficient funds will be charged an administrative fee of $25 per NSF.
Missed Payments via Paypal/Credit Card will be subject to a $25 charge per missed payment and added to your fees.

If you withdraw prior to these payments being paid up to date, you are still required to pay, up to the date of withdrawl, all the fees owed to that date. In some cases an invoice will be issued to collect fees owed.

Any refunds or commissions being paid out will require you to have a paypal account (free to signup).

Wire Transfer or other type of "paid service" money transfers:
If you do not have a paypal account and require a refund or commission payout by wire transfer or the like, any fees associated with transferring funds will be deducted from the total being sent to you to cover the cost of the fees associated with it. It only takes a few moments to create a free paypal account so it is advisable that, if you want to avoid additional fees, you take a moment to set up a free paypal account instead.

Digital Store Products

Products Purchased through the web store may come in download format. In such cases, no refund will be offered in the case of downloaded product materials. If the product is defective or is corrupt, it can be replaced with a new download.


All Students will receive a temporary PDF Certificate upon successful completion of their course level. The temporary Certificate will expire 24 months from the date of issue. An official paper certificate will be issued by mail upon successful completion of course and Full Tuition has been received. The official paper certificate has no expiry. All Tuition Fees must be paid in Full before receiving an official paper certificate.

Use at own Risk
ACE is meant as a set of tools for practitioners to assist the client towards self-healing. The method's and coaching strategies provided are available to practitioners to assist in the wellness process but do not guarantee that the desired results will occur. As with any practice, a doctors diagnosis should be sought and always seek medical advice. The methods do not replace a doctors treatment.

Request for official receipts for tax purposes will only be issued upon completion of FULL payment on account. Do not request a receipt if you have not paid your tuition in full.

Base Rate Per Level - Course Fees

* This is a general summary of course base rates PER level. This represents course level cost before bundling course packages, special offers or coupons.

ACE Level Deposit Base Fee Total

ACE Level 1

$97 $897

ACE Level 2

$97 $1297

ACE Level 3 (Course Only)

$97 $1497

ACE Level 3 (Course plus Weekly Group Mentorship Calls)

$297 $2497

ACE Level 4 (Course Only)

$297 $2497

ACE Level 5 (Course Only)

$297 $3997