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Advanced Clearing EnergeticsĀ® (A.C.E) is an alternative & integrative health course for coaches, practitioners, therapists, traditional medicine practitioners and anyone else who wants to learn why we really get sick and how you can begin solving it. Learn cutting-edge strategies to find, understand and clear out the issues at their core. View Course details to find out more...

Level 1 ACE

Level 1 ACE - Introduction

Level 1 ACE - Introduction

Course Code: ACE1
ACE Level 1 lays the groundwork for all ACE Trainings. It provides the Key Strategies behind the process of Advanced Clearing Energetics that allow you to find the root cause of a pain or disease and clear it.

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Level 2 ACE

Level 2 ACE Practitioner

Level 2 ACE - The Body

Course Code: ACE2
Prerequisite: Level 1
Once you have the simple core strategies of ACE under your belt, ACE Level 2 will take you through more specifics of how your body works and communicates head to toe. Understand how the body really functions and how the brain, heart, organs and guts all interact. Level 2 takes a look at some specific health issues and much much more.

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Level 3 ACE

Level 3 ACE - Mental Health

Level 3 ACE - Mental Health

Course Code: ACE3
Prerequisite: Level 2
ACE Level 3 takes a close look at psychological disease/illness and mental health issues. This multi-level course will provide you with a incredible understanding of the power of the mind (brain) and its direct relation to stress events, common treatments and how to work with a client presenting these type of issues.

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All Online Home Study Packages Include:

  • Online Video Modules
  • Download Video Lessons (MP4)
  • Course Manual - Download (PDF)
  • Course Slides - Download (PDF)
  • Private Facebook Groups for each ACE Practitioner Level
  • Free Association Membership
  • 24/7/365 Access online

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    Attend a Live Training and get certified as an ACE Practitioner in less then 2 days! Our Training schedule is posted for locations around the world for 2014.

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    Offering ACE Level 1-3 Live Class Opportunities around the World. View the Live Training Page for the Location Nearest you to get complete details.

    Live Training Opportunities Includes Access to:

    • Same-day Certification
    • Future Updated Manual and Slide Downloads
    • Private Facebook Groups
    • Free Association Membership

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    Other Special Bonuses may apply - See Individual Live Training Locations to learn more about the ACE Courses being taught live and get details about what your Live Training includes.


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