Finally understand why you get sick, feel pain or experience a chronic disease. ACE uncovers the causes and how you can clear them out for good. Take our introductory LEVEL 1 course to learn the basic premise behind ACE or bundles courses together. Get informed and be at the forefront of conscious healthy living.

Practitioner Course Overview

All ACE Levels carry a Practitioner Certificate upon successful completion.

A.C.E. Courses Accredited by the International Association of Advanced Clearing Energetics


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ACE Practitioner Level 1 - Learn the Major Premise behind Advanced Clearing Energetics, the Steps that a Disease takes, and begin working on clearing underlying issues.

ACE Practitioner Level 2 - Understand Your body and how it communicates. Understand the Conflicts and how your body processes them so you can be even more effective in your work.

ACE Practitioner Level 3 - Delve into Psychological Conflicts, how they manifest, and how they are triggered. Learn strategies to assist clients to clear out incredible mental health issues.



ACE Level 4 (Trainers Training) - Become a Trainer and teach ACE Level 1. Gain training skills from leading experts and develop your Marketing Skills to reach your audience and fill seats. (OPTIONAL)

ACE Level 5 (ACE Master Practitioner) - Perfect your ACE Practitioner skills and become an ACE Master. Learn about difficult, chronic and serious diseases. Become a Contributor to ACE Development and become the go-to-expert in your Niche Field.


Coming for 2015

ACE Practitioner Level 6 (Master Trainers Training) and 7 (ACE Professional) are coming for 2015-2016.


SPECIAL!! - ACE Your Marketing

Course Code: ACEMarketing
This course is geared towards Alternative, Complementary and Traditional Practitioners, Coaches or Therapists who need to learn the fundamentals of marketing so they can take their business to a new level. As business owners is vitally important to be involved in your own Marketing. It's also important to make it a priority so your not fishing an empty pond to find clients when your client list is running low.
Unlike any other modality related course ACE Your Marketing gives you a foundation of Marketing fundamentals that will allow you to grow your practitioner business by leaps and bounds. You'll learn how to find your ideal clients, how to offer them solutions and how to weave it into your business so it supports your business growth and allows you to have the lifestyle you want.
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Timothy Ryan PhDI love the ease, speed, simplicity, beauty and elegance of Advance Clearing Energetics. It incorporates the best of NLP, Hypnosis, Imagery, Matrix Re-imprinting, Time-line Therapy, and Trans-personal Psychology into a simple, powerful and profound way of shifting and clearing painful material from the clients mind,body and heart and does so with little or no intrusion or resistance from the client. ACE is the therapy for the 21st Century. It has become my main and most enjoyable way of working with clients allowing spirit to do the work.
~Timothy Ryan Ph D~

ACE is very comprehensive and has a spiritual element that I prefer. It works quickly and allows the practitioner to be a guide or coach and the client to do their own clearing which makes the process very powerful as it empowers the client. It is an active process as opposed to a passive one which goes along with my belief that we heal ourselves by releasing blocks to healing. This is the only way the body heals. It also follows the premise of the Mind-body as being One. I love doing this work and the way Richard has developed and refined this process. ACE is a fantastic addition to other processes that one is using and/or a stand-alone process. Great work, Richard! Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I appreciate your continued research and advancement of ways that we can heal ourselves and help others to do the same.
~Carol Seaver~

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