Prerequisite: ACE Level 3 is available in a package plan as a self-paced online course. You can select to take this course and other levels in a package plan or upgrade later within your student account.


Gain a deeper and meaningful look at the core of Psychological Issues and familiarize yourself with strategies to clear out the underlying trapped energy behind it.



The Level 3 course is an online, self-paced course which includes video lessons, exercises, casework and live interaction.

There are 2 options available for Level 3:

    • Online Class Modules Only


  • Online Class Modules plus Group Mentorship Calls with Richard Flook and Special Guest Speakers - Weekly, Ongoing - Includes Replays, Download MP3, Call Outlines and Worksheets (and more - see below for details)

Both options include Level 3 Certification.



As a registrant you will have lifetime access to the course online to study/review at your own pace and upon completion will attain Certificate as a Level 3 ACE Practitioner. This course is self-paced and certification depends entirely upon successful completion of casework, evaluation and online quiz.

  • Complete in Your own Time Frame (online courses)
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Live and Online Support
  • Re-Certification not Required


What will be covered in Level 3

Level 3 expands upon what is learned in the Level 2 Course. This course covers more advanced materials then level 2 and takes a glance at simple to complex psychological issues.

Here is an outline of topics covered in this course. There will be some quick review of LEVEL 2 elements and how they apply to advanced psychological issues.

*Live venue students can speak to their trainer about getting the online portion of weekly calls with Richard.

  • Determine How a Client is Wired - Understanding Handedness
  • Explore the Frontal Lobe and its significance
  • Examine the Eyes and the Human Psyche
  • Understand Manic Depression
  • Identify The 6 Stages of Disease of psychological issues
  • Uncovering a UDIN and its importance in psychological issues
  • Trigger Mania/Depression in the client
  • Define SSRIs and their use in the Treatment of Psychological Issues
  • Broaden Knowledge on Combination Psychological Issues
  • Understand and Learn How to work with Addictions
  • Understand and Learn How to work with ADD/ADHD
  • Understand and Learn How to work with the Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Take a deeper look at Anxiety, Depression, Mania, Paranoia and other Psych Issues
  • How to Coach the client through withdrawal
  • How to Clear issues using Advanced Clearing Energetics


Course Materials Included:


All course materials are available online to view or download.

In this course you will have access to the following course materials:

    • Video Course Lessons online
    • Course Manual - Available in PDF format for you to download.
    • Slides - Available in PDF format for you to download
    • Access Online Quiz
    • Access to Student Forums

PDF - requires Adobe Reader, available at

What You Can Expect from the Online Course:

videos-iconVideo Lessons Online
This online course consists of many video modules which have been pre-recorded. These course lessons are self-paced that you can access and view 24/7. The length of the entire video module portion is approximately equal to a 2-day length weekend course.


Test-paper-iconCourse Quiz
After watching all the course video modules, there is a multiple choice quiz to be completed. You can complete this quiz at any time to complete the course and earn your certificate. Each online student will be required to complete the Level 3 Quiz (online) and earn a passing grade to complete the course and earn the Level 3 Practitioner Certificate.


casework1Complex Casework
You will work with a client (actual client, fellow student, friend, colleague or family member) and go through the steps and strategies outlined by your trainer and complete, start to finish, 3 case-work reports. You will work on the "client" to find and clear an issue and gain a testimonial from the "client" on the process which will all be sent to the trainer. If you have questions about the process, feel free to share on the Facebook Group and get feedback from Richard or your peers to help you with your client casework.


Completing this course will earn you the following Certificate: LEVEL 3 Advanced Clearing Energetics Practitioner You will then be eligible to complete the LEVEL 4 Trainers Trainer AND/OR 5 Master ACE Practitioner course for certification.


As a registrant you will NEVER need to get re-certified for this Level and you will have lifetime access to the course online to study/review at any time at your own pace.





download-iconDownload Course Materials
All ACE Level 3 videos, manuals, slides and many other course resources and handouts are available for you to download. You also have 24-7 access to come online and view the materials at anytime.


social-facebook-box-blue-iconStudents can join our ACE Level 3 Private Facebook group to network or collaborate with peers, trainer(s), form study sessions or request exercise partners. Join us for interactive chats, discussions and Q & A inside the ACE Level 3 Private Facebook group.


inbox-outbox-mailACE Level 3 Student Newsletter
All Students are able to keep up to date on student happenings through the Student newsletter. You are automatically sent an email right when you register to be included. Your trainer, Richard Flook, will send out course updates and student news throughout the year to keep you in the know about ACE, developments, and other alternative health news.






OPTIONAL PACKAGE: Add (ACE Level 3) Weekly Mentorship Calls with Richard Flook



You can take the ACE Level 3 with or without calls. Weekly calls are optional and do not affect the outcome of your certification. Those who wish to have this mentorship time with Richard Flook (founder), excel using the ACE strategies and theory, and gain more in-depth information, select this option for a one-time only fee in your Registration Package.

Highlight your week with participation in Practical Coaching calls with Richard Flook, originator of Advanced Clearing Energetics.

  • Strengthen your skills with hands-on practice time, team groupwork, and lively discussions on a range of topics.
  • Gain clarity on lesson topics and successfully master the ACE strategies in a supportive group environment.
  • Get help on your client cases
  • Learn further advanced skills not taught in the ACE Level 3 Video Course.
  • Meet, Build Relationships and Network with other ACE Practitioners too
  • Meet incredible experts in the field of ACE and other modalities
  • Get up-to-minute developments occurring in ACE

chat-iconSessions occur one day a week (currently on Tuesdays) and held 2x during that day (mid afternoon and evening) and are recorded for you to review again later. Calls are held 2x at different times (early/late) to allow you to participate around your schedule in different timezones (We are in ET/Toronto Timezone) and the content is usually different at both sessions.
*Additional Needs: Headset with Microphone for best quality and to offset background noise and echo.
** Occasionally pre-recorded interviews or videos will be offered when there are schedule conflicts due to travelling or live course trainings occurring. We will notify you in advance of any changes to the schedule through the student newsletter.

Bonus Replays and Download of Calls

Folder_Music_Icon_256 An online playlist is available for you to listen to or download past audio archives of live calls in mp3 format. If you can't join live on a scheduled group call, you can catch the replay at any time by listening online or downloading the mp3 file and listening on your favourite MP3 device.

Bonus Worksheets and Call Outlines

1389822200_pdfAlong with each call, a printable (PDF) outline of the call is available to download and there is also a printable (PDF) worksheet for you to take notes on the call or track any questions you might have about the call. You can use this worksheet for online Level 3 video course modules as well.

Honorary Advancement to ACE Level 4 Practitioner*

1389821422_user6Active Participants of ACE Level 3 with Group Mentorship Calls are eligible for advancement to our Special Honorary Degree Program as an ACE Level 4 Practitioner. This is a designation level which is only attainable through the recognized participation and pursuit of developments in ACE and you must be a student registered for ACE Level 3 with calls.

Participation criteria includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Active discussion and participation in weekly calls
  • Presenting a topic to class on a Tues or offering a contribution towards peer development (e.g. ACE Relate forms, templates for practitioners, ebooks, white papers on topic etc),
  • Contributing to the ACE Network (articles, videos, presentations etc) through the Partnership Program
  • Being a member of IAACE (Association) in good standing

Successful participants will be recognized for their outstanding participation and contributions to this field. Recipients of this award will be given a generous partial scholarship towards either Level 4 Trainers Training or the ACE Masters (Level 5) course.


If you opt to add Level 3 with Calls in your Package...
You get:

  • ** Weekly Group Mentorship Calls with Richard Flook
  • ** Live Group Call Replays Online (Playlist)
  • ** Downloads MP3 for ACE Level 3 Live Group Calls
  • ** Download Group Call Outlines and Worksheets
  • ** Access Group Chat/IM for peer interaction between calls.
  • ...PLUS eligibility for a Honorary LEVEL 4 Practitioner Certification...see below for details!!!*Live Weekly Calls happen every Tuesday except for in July, Aug and Dec

$1497 USD

ACE Level 3

With call option (ACE Level 3 Advanced)

$2497 USD