What is Advanced Clearing Energetics®?


When people ask me what I do, I say ‘I lecture around the world on transforming pain into learning created by specific stressful events that cause certain diseases’. They then ask me ‘Are you a doctor?’ Which my reply is ‘No’.

‘Conventional Medicine does a great job of diagnosing a person’s symptoms and treating them with the aim of getting rid of it by using drugs, surgery, heating, freezing or other therapies to alleviate symptoms or make them disappear.’

Advanced Clearing Energetics® looks at why we get sick in the first place. What was the root cause and finding those answers so they can either be prevented or cleared at the core.

What ACE Can Do...

logo-transparentOver 20 years of research has gone into Richard Flook's brand new material which beautifully integrates with many modalities. Influences come from his previous work with Peter Fraser from NES Health(see below) along with past experiences in other modalities (Integrative Health Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, EFT and many others) and his research into health.

His goal was to find a way to simplify his work with clearing stress and ACE was developed as a result. Richard says 'ACE finally brings all the nervous systems of the body together. The brain, the guts, the heart and the organs, all of which are responsible in the disease process. What's the trigger? ACE has an answer and will change everything you know about health.

‘I created Advanced Clearing Energetics® to provide practitioners a set of exceptional tools to help clients find, clear and learn from the trapped energy that caused their stressful event that produced the disease, pain or psychological issue, so the body then repairs itself, something it does naturally.’ (See ACE Courses)


Based on how and why the body processes shocks, Advanced Clearing Energetics®, or ACE for short, is a dynamic but effortlessly simple system that allows a practitioner to pinpoint the shock that causes disease and its rapid, something that could typically take many sessions.

To simplify, we know that many diseases are stress-related. Sometimes we don't consciously realize that a stressful event, which we have experienced, will later affect our health. If we can resolve the core issue and the "energy" behind that issue, our bodies can then repair itself quicker and return to a normal healthy state. ACE targets issues at their core, assisting you to uncover or pinpoint the root cause, allowing you to clear out stressful energy behind it, so your body can begin healing itself.

With ACE you can clear out the root cause behind:

Chronic health issues like allergies, skin conditions, IBS, lactose intolerance etc
Sickness and Disease like cold and flu to more serious illnesses like heart conditions, disorders and more.
Aches and Pains such as arthritis, broken bones, torn ligaments, joint pain and pain from serious injuries etc
Emotional or Mental blocks such as anxieties, anger, isolation, fears, sadness etc
Deeper Psychological issues like addictions, anorexia, bulimia, ADHD, autism, manic depression
and much much more...

'I just worked out how and why the body creates disease and worked back from that.' Richard explains. 'It's very simple really, even my four year old son can do ACE. (See Client Testimonials)


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Uncovering The Link Between Stress and Disease

Science now supports that stress is a significant factor in illness.

What causes this to happen is a dramatic and unexpected change in our environmental situation. In Advanced Clearing Energetics® this is an event full of energy, where we have no strategy for dealing with it and often times we're isolated (no support system). It does not have to be a "negative" event either, as with addictions or love affairs for example, which can feel like an extremely pleasurable event. ACE explains the criteria for the type of events which can be positive, neutral or negative.

Some Background Behind ACE

Peter Fraser"During my research with Peter Fraser of NES Health we established that during this event the heart communicates with the brain, which in turn decides on an organ which is best suited to deal with the event. Which organ is picked, is based on embryology, (how we develop from an egg into a foetus) - basically how we are made. The organ then goes to work, altering itself as part of the whole process."

Simple examples of this are the guts dealing with something you cannot digest, the skin with physical separation, the muscles not being strong enough to hold something. After this an amazing chain of events occurs, the chosen organ changes itself to support the person through the situation. They get bigger or smaller, by adding or taking away cells, dependant on the job they have been tasked to do and its during these different stages, we experience symptoms, the very same symptoms that your doctor labels as disease. In our simple examples the guts develop Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), the skin: eczema and the muscles: back ache.

In Advanced Clearing Energetics® we use this model of the heart, brain, organ and Richard's recent addition of the guts (because that’s were a lot of the emotional energy gets stored) and we can go back to the original imprint of the problem and clear the reason for the trapped energy to occur in the first place. The result is the body returns back to normality, repairing itself naturally.

Advanced Clearing Energetics® is a "set of strategies" that help you to unravel this process and get to the original imprint to clear out the trapped energy with amazing results. Courses are taught to potential practitioner students in weekend length trainings (2-3 days per level) and are available either through online trainings or via Trainers around the globe.

Become a Certified Advanced Clearing Energetics Practitioner

acemanualsandCDsThe ACE website provides a platform for those interested in improving their health or assisting other's to do the same, to learn the major premise behind ACE strategies.

There are several Levels of Study from ACE Level 1 which covers the core of these strategies so you can begin using them immediately on yourself and with clients. ACE Level 2 builds on those strategies by deepening your understanding of the functions presented in the body and how it communicates. From there ACE Level 3 delves into psychological and mental health issues with a clearer and deeper understanding of the power of our brain and how responding to stressful factors can lead to anything from anger/mild depression to serious disorders.

Through this website you can also take Trainers Training (ACE Level 4), ACE Masters which covers chronic and serious illnesses (ACE Level 5) and Master Trainers Training (ACE Level 6).