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What Ripples Are You Creating?

Every word spoken, thought and action sends a wave of information into the environment and effects someone or something around you. This wave could have a positive or negative consequence. It could be minor or major. Having this “knowledge” has

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Client Testimonial: Pilonidal cyst

Brent was was diagnosed with a Pilonidal cyst, an extremely painful abscess that forms in the upper cleft of the buttox near the coccyx, in April of 2011. This testimonial was what he shared with Richard after doing Advanced Clearing

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Client Testimonial: Painful Wrist and Leg

Without doctors this women solved her excruciating pain… she couldn’t even use a knife and fork. Libby loves life. Loves her kids, her husband and if you did not know Libby, you would never realise she was suffering from a

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Client Testimonial: Grief

While struggling to come to terms with my grief and in a vulnerable state, I found myself in a very destructive relationship. Advanced Clearing Energetics is now a major part of my therapy work and has been since Richard Flook

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