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Client Testimonial: Painful Wrist and Leg

Without doctors this women solved her excruciating pain… she couldn’t even use a knife and fork.

Libby loves life. Loves her kids, her husband and if you did not know Libby, you would never realise she was suffering from a horrible painful problem called ‘Complex regional pain syndrome’, that’s an ongoing pain in the limbs that just does not go away. She had a car accident in 1994 where she got whiplash and thought she’d banged her wrist. The pain was not so bad, back then, but got worse over the next few years. It affected the quality of her life she had to give up horse riding, trampolining, working and the real choker was she couldn’t even hold her children’s hands.

The treatment she was going through, included steroid injections right into her painful wrist. She’d had two operations to release the tendons, where each time she woke up in more pain than before, the doctors thought she was being melodramatic. She’d tried many different approaches from medication to hypnosis, physical therapy to EFT, Reiki to acupuncture, reflexology to NLP but nothing seemed to work. She summed up her problem as ‘My life is pretty shit.’

Going out for a meal she would actually break down in tears, no one understood how debilitating it was because her husband had to cut up her food so she could eat it. She couldn’t even use a knife and fork, like a normal person.

In total desperation she had a spinal chord stimulator fitted, a matchbox sized electrical device that sits under the skin sending a message up the spine to change the way the body responded to pain. But it diid not work. Libby, still in pain, had two children and in 2010 had a newer stimulator fitted. This time it worked. But she couldn’t straighten her arm and it was still extremely sensitive to any knocks or jars.

She thought she had healed and was getting her life back. She focussed on becoming a life coaching and did lots of personal development courses. She was feeling very happy.

Then her back started a horrible pain. So horrible it went down her leg and she could not do do any of the things she loved, like swimming, exercise, going for walks and she ended up using a walking stick just to get around.

Through a friend she found out about Jonathan Shaw, one of the Masters of ACE and a specialist in physical pain relief with 14 years experience. He examined her and immediately realized the pain in her leg was connected to her arm. He treated her physically and then he did ACE on her. She had never been able to get to the root of the problem, even though she had seen councilors, was trained in emotional therapies and had even had hypnotherapy. However, in a matter of minutes, Jonathan had pinpointed the trapped energy that was causing the whole problem.

After doing ACE there was a immediate improvement. That first session she walked in on crutches and walked out without them. By the fourth session the pain had reduced and over the next three months her range of motion returned. The arm straightened out and was nowhere near as painful, she went back to swimming, walking and the real test was she could use her knife and fork again, like a normal person.

Without ACE she would not have got better that quickly and because, as Jonathan said, ‘She is so closed down she would not have been able to release the emotion as fast as she did and also so gently with anything else’. Jonathan went onto to say ‘I liken ACE to the iPad, which when it was first release they called it the most magical, revolutionary device for computing. And ACE is the most magically, revolutionary method for clearing chronic pain.’

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Richard Flook is an expert on stress and disease with a focus in Alternative and Integrative Health with an extensive background in Integrative Health Coaching, Energy Therapies, EFT, NLP, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. His extensive work within these fields includes training 1000's of top blue chip company/corporation executives, medical and alternative practititoners. He is also a highly sought after speaker and health coach. His 20+ years of research and advancements in these fields lead him to discovering the strategies he calls "Advanced Clearing Energetics"(ACE). These strategies help uncover the root stress of an illness and assist the client to clear out the energy behind those stressors and rapidly increase the healing process. ACE can be used with any medical or alternative modality. His Revised book, "Why Am I Sick - What's really wrong and how you can solve it using Advanced Clearing Energetics" was released through Hay House Publishing in July 2013 and he is currently working on his 3rd book.

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