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Videos and Audio recordings of events, interviews, webinars, radio shows and more in our Media Resource Area on an assortment of Health Topics.

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It's the people in our ACE Community that fuel our Spirit. We wouldn't be here without the support of some of the most amazing people we could ever cross paths with.

Our Forums are a place for Students, Practitioners, Alternative Practitioners, Health Workers and amazing people like you, to come and ask your questions and share your experiences with ACE, your health issues, and to grow together.

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Featured Articles
Are Genetically Modified Foods Making You Sick?

Are Genetically Modified Foods Making You Sick? There is a huge silent war going on. And it’s nothing to do with religion, oil or water but food. It’s being fought inside you, in your belly and it’s because that food is Genetically Modified. Many of us are unaware how much of our food is made this way. What makes matters worse, many of us do not realize that these foods are slowly making you, your loved ones and your children, sick.Let me tell you a story. In 2008 my wife and I came to Canada from living in the UK. We did so in order to ...

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Why Support Systems are Important for Your Health

Why Support Systems are Important for Your Health

People with adequate or strong social support networks report less stress and overall improved mental health in comparison to those without adequate social support ~Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD~ U.S. board-certified anatomic pathologist with subspecialty training in the fields of experimental and molecular pathology Stress comes in many forms. It can be negative, neutral or positive. How we react to the stressful forces placed against us determines how it will affect us. In Advanced Clearing Energetics® we learn that certain factors of how we react to stress determine if it will present later as a health issue. We call these factors "UDINs" which stands ...

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ACE Lyme Disease

Richard Flook takes a candid look at Lyme disease, root causes and outcomes. Watch the video: Learn about other specific diseases, their root causes, and how to clear out the issues behind them. Check out our online programs to learn more. Resources Mentioned in Video: Richard spends time each week with student practitioners discussing various diseases from working on their own personal issues to working with a client on specific issues. This includes bringing in special guest expert speakers who share and elaborate on topics presented in the course. Learn about ACE Courses

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AUDIO: Joy Beyond Grief – Janice Thompson

AUDIO: Joy Beyond Grief - Janice Thompson

"When my husband died very suddenly in 2002, I felt my life was over. The love of my life was gone. I was devastated. But now I can look back and realise that although obviously I would rather my husband be alive today, this horrendous event lead me on a wonderous journey. A journey which began with a lot of reading, initially as a way of occupying my mind so as not to dwell on my loss. A journey which so far has lead me to see the world from a totally different positive perspective and has enabled me ...

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Overcoming  Debilitating and Chronic Health Issues

Overcoming Debilitating and Chronic Health Issues

In ACE we talk about diseases that are chronic and debilitating at the same time. Diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, diabetes, Alzheimer's, diabetes, emasculating degeneration, Osteoporosis, arthritis, all the Motor neuron diseases such as Lou Gehrigs disease (ALS), MS multiple sclerosis and any disease that is progressive. These are all very interesting diseases because of why they are there and why the body develops something so debilitating, that without medical intervention, the person would die or live a pain ridden life. I watched a film about Jason Becker, (Jason Becker not dead Yet) a brilliant guitarist who got ALS ...

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