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Trainers Training


Prerequisites for ACE Trainers Training:

You must complete ACE Level 1, 2, 3 before you can become a Level 4 ACE Trainer and teach level 1
ACE Trainer's training is ONLY Available through this website.

Why take ACE Trainers Training?

Improve Your Presentation Skills or Pack Training Rooms. Take the Level 4 Trainer's Training course to get certified as a trainer to teach the ACE Level 1, the foundation of ACE or to become a better presenter. Gain new students or clients and grow your business!


There are plenty of reasons that ACE Trainers Training will benefit you. Here are just a few of the top reasons:


  • Become an ACE Trainer and teach ACE Level 1 to your own students. Take the guess work out of "what to do" to put on a successful training from start to finish. Deepen Your knowledge of Advanced Clearing Energetics® and experience the beauty of ACE in action with your very own group of students.
  • Gain a new incredible source of income as a trainer and start your own 1 or 2 day trainings.
  • Become a better presenter and promoter of your skills as an ACE Practitioner. Learn how to share what ACE is through building of presentation skills. Remove all fears (public speaking, trying something new etc) with amazing techniques to help you overcome those fears.
  • If you don't want to run a full day or weekend course yourself, learn how to present at shorter "taster sessions" (usually 1-2 hour information sessions) and grow your income sources by referring new potential students through the ACE online study courses and earn fantastic commissions by becoming a skilled Affiliate Partner instead! Offer people more in your area by sharing your expertise along with ACE.
  • Gain clients easily and present ACE to clients with greater ease. Trainers training will not only help you present better, it will help you with how you present yourself and your business to people to gain new clients and grow your practice.
Even if you never step foot into a classroom to teach, this course provides you with exceptional presenting skills and the latest in online marketing that will enhance your current business growth, help you find new clients, and discover new sources of income that will grow your business to new heights. Let's take a look at what's included in the course curriculum:



Course Curriculum



1. ACE Your Presentation Skills

Teacher at Chalkboard

  • Learn how to structure your ACE 2-day training
  • Discover how to get each logistical part of the course right from the start, from simple things such as booking the right room with a hotel or agent, setting up the marketing so you are successful right from the start, to room setup and ordering teas and coffee’s.
  • Find out how to organize the room in a way that the students will gain the most benefit from your training.
  • Know which tools of the trade you will need to buy and what may not be required to buy, such as whether a data projector absolutely necessary?
  • Find out how to be completely focussed throughout the 2 days training.
  • How to stand, sit and build rapport with your group
  • Utilize your hearts energy to transmit positive energy to every member of your audience from moment to moment
  • Discover how to integrate the ACE Level 1 PowerPoint or Keynote slides and ACE manual into your presentation so you stay on track throughout the 2 days. NOTE: Customizable digital copies are included in you trainers pack, so you can print them through your local printer with no copyright issues.
  • Learn the secrets to teaching each segment of the training, the aims and outcomes for each specific part of the training.
  • Structure the exercises so your students get the same results you do on stage
  • Learn what to do with certification and how to structure and print certificates
  • Understand what to teach and what to leave out so your students remain with you throughout the training
  • Structure out break times, whilst remaining on track.
  • How to setup the energy in the room so it feel great regardless of whomever has used the room before you, by using the ACE Crystal (included in your training pack) and also the ACE Power Grid stones (included in your registration)
  • Know where to position the flip chart or Data projector, in relation to where you stand (if you use one).
  • Assess how to deal with challenging students
  • Be able to arrange Logistical information such as sign up and payment
  • Know what to do after the training so students can become part of the International Association of Advanced Clearing Energetics
  • Know the secret of dealing with cultural differences so all your delegates feel empowered throughout the training
  • Embrace the internet to teach ACE online and reach a greater audience
  • Deal with questions elegantly and effortlessly
  • How to give small 30 minute to 1 hour presentations to your potential clients and trainees.
  • How to communicate clearly, all your expectations as a trainer with those who are part of the logistics in bringing a training to fruition - from start to finish.


How is the trainers training delivered?

Richard wants to make it as simple as possible for you to become an ACE Trainer. This course will offer both online home study and live training opportunities.

Some of the information can easily be gained by watching or listening to pre-recorded material, such as the logistics part of the training. Others will be carried out live with a small group of delegates (maximum 6 people per session) via the internet.

During this time, each potential ACE trainer will go through specific delivery of each element of the training culminating in a final presentation of 30 minutes on one topic of the ACE Level 1 training.

Feedback from peers and Richard (or another ACE Professional) will also be given.

  • The curriculum portion of the course will run an equivalent of 2 days.
  • Alongside will be pre-recorded material.
  • There is also a quiz that ensures you really do know all areas of the ACE material.
  • This section of the course includes Audio Files which can be downloaded for your OWN PERSONAL USE. All materials is subject to copyright and our policies on downloading.



Trainer Benefits

We want to provide you with the best opportunity to hit the ground running as an ACE Trainer. It can be expensive setting up a business or developing all the materials needed to put on a training and to promote(market) it. We know because we have spent many many thousands of dollars doing just that.

In addition to the fantastic Trainers Training course, you will also gain complete 24/7 access to all the Training Materials, PLUS Promotional and Marketing materials. That includes all future updated materials. These items will be provided to you as downloads online.


ACE Training Materials (included in Registration)

  • Most current ACE Level 1 Manuals
    Note: You can add to the manual to include your own niche materials using ACE as long as you do not remove any of the current manual's content.
  • ACE Grid stones (set) for 25 people.
  • ACE Slides PowerPoint (PC) and Keynote (Apple) in digital format
  • ACE Manual in Word (PC) and Pages (Apple) in digital format
  • ACE Level 1 Certificate template
  • ACE Slide Templates for any Additional Slides you want to add into the program to personalize it.

We will include information inside your course manual on the above topics.

All trainers can purchase a package of Official Certification Seals with the Association Logo which can be placed on

This course includes video files which can be downloaded for your OWN PERSONAL USE. All materials are subject to copyright and ACE Course policies for downloading.


Additional Promotional Opportunities



  • Add Your Training events to the public ACE Events Calendar
  • Include your training event in our Newsletter
  • Partner with us and offer opportunities within Affiliate Program to promote to other people's lists
  • Get involved in our Partnership Program and offer people even more while growing your business.
  • Write Articles for the Advanced Clearing Energetics Expert Blog Section and get
    your bio, picture and a link to your website prominently displayed with your article.


About Your Trainers

Richard Flook

Richard Flook

Richard Flook

In addition to being a well-established author, Richard Flook has mastered accelerated learning techniques. Over the past 20 years he has taught a variety of training programs including ACE, NLP, Time-line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Morphic Resonance, META-Medicine® and other modalities to thousands of students worldwide.

Richard has also spoken at hundreds of events and conferences as a keynote speaker and taught highly influential leaders and top 500 companies using these very same presentation skills. His experience as an author, speaker, instructor and trainer will be a huge guidance as you encounter these opportunities yourself.

He will share with you what does not work and of course what works. Much of this training you cannot learn from a book, they simply do not exist.



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