Richard Flook talks to Peter Donn about his new Higher Psycho-Kinesiology HPK

Whilst in the UK at the AMT conference, Richard took some time to speak to Peter Donn about his new work Higher Psycho-Kinesiology. Richard has known Peter since 2006. Richard taught Peter meta medicine at that time. Read more ›

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Richard Interviews Sharon King about Matrix Birth Reimprinting

Richard Flook talks to Sharon King, the creator of Matrix Birth Re-imprinting. Many of us do not realise how important our birth process is to the development of our beliefs and perceptions of the world. The time we spend in the womb sharing our mothers experiences and emotions, the birth process itself and the first six years of life all go to make up the person we are today.Modern day intervention to the natural birthing process can leave you feeling you don’t belong, having a feeling of separation from the world, abandonment or isolation issues and feelings of not being good enough or unlovable?
Richard's own belief is that we can learn a tremendous amount from understanding what has happened in the womb and birth and Sharon has a wealth of incredible information to share about this fascinating area.

Find out amore about the incredible work of Sharon King's work here

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Meeting Karin Davidson in Toronto

At the end of October I went to the ACEP Conference in Toronto and met up with the amazing Karin Davidson, my friend and also one of the best EFTers and Matrix Reimprinter trainers in the USA I always love catching up with her. She shares what she has been doing in the last few months and also asks me about what is new in ACE. Enjoy the Video.

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Fiona Truman interview with Richard Flook

Fiona Truman interviews Richard Flook, the originator of Advanced Clearing Energetics about this incredible way to clear the trapped energy that is now known to cause disease.



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Defying the Odds…

Surviving Lyme, Weight Gain, Being Aborted, Breast Surgery, Vaccine Injury and more

Defying the odds, Erin Elizabeth (Dr. Mercola's partner) shares her story of survival after discovering she had Lyme and a vaccine injury, almost taken out by (more then once) natural disasters, living through her own abortion, reversing a breast enhancement with 6 hours of surgery and other events.

Erin's story is not your every day story. She has faced many events in her life that have induced stress on her body over and over. While not a typical story, there are many people that can see themselves in part of her story and can relate to her struggles to regain health and happiness.

In her video, she shares how you can get a copy of her free book Read more ›

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