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Gain a deeper understanding of how your body works, how it communicates, and how it copes with stress. Learn the fundamental characteristics of each stage of a disease and how the body reacts. Identify core issues of disease and techniques to clear the underlying energy.




Become a ACE Level 2 Practitioner

The Level 2 course is an online, self-paced Practitioner Certification Course which includes video lessons, exercises, and casework. As a registrant you will have lifetime access to the course online to study/review at your own pace and upon completion will attain Certificate as a Level 2 ACE Practitioner. The online course is self-paced and certification depends entirely upon successful completion of casework, evaluation and online quiz.
Re-certification is not required.


By the end of this course you will

✓ Understand more effectively how the body works and how the heart, organs, brain and gut communicate.
✓ Determine the relationship of each layer of the brain to each organ.
✓ Recognize the symptoms experienced by a client and quickly determine which brain layer is being accessed
✓ Decipher key phrases shared by the client that provide clues to the root cause.
✓ Easily determine what the body part affected is trying to tell you that will help determine the root cause.
✓ Identify clues to who or what may potentially be behind the root cause
✓ Decipher key phrases spoken by a client that can further reveal the root cause.
✓ Be able to assist a client to pinpoint how far back the issue has been a problem and be able to clear it completely.
✓ Understand how our nutritional requirements are being affected and contribute to health issues.
✓ Know exactly what the client is experiencing in each stage of disease.
✓ Discover how chronic diseases work within the framework of the 6 stages and how to clear them.
✓ Simplify everything to 5 words that cover every aspect of pain or disease.


What will be covered in Level 2

Level 2 expands upon what is learned in the Level 1 Course. Level 1 provides the Major Premise behind Advanced Clearing Energetics. In Level 2 we will take a deeper look at the brain layers, their function, how our body communicates to different areas, root causes and stages of disease, and much more. Here is an outline of topics covered in this course. (Curriculum is subject to changes - new and revised materials will be accessible to all students of Level 2).

  • Understand the 4 Brain Layers, their communicative functions and the ACE Brain Questions during the process.
  • Uncover The UDIN and How the Body's responds to its environment
  • Significantly accelerate your clients results, effectively reducing the stress and improving their overall functioning. ACE works fast to manage or eliminate the stuck energy.
  • Learn a brand new technique called "ACE balancing" which settles the nervous systems of the body, accelerates healing and removes the potential for your client to relapse
  • Incorporate a new set of "ACE" beliefs into your work that will further transform your results.
  • Discover the importance of the gut system and how using this dramatically increases your results.
  • Investigate the importance of Epigenetics, the new science of genetics and micro RNAs and use a set of even more advanced techniques to clear energy from our bodies.
  • Recognize the 6 stages of a disease, how diseases are labelled allowing you more flexibility when dealing with clients symptoms.
  • Explore and trigger important parts of the 6 stages of disease, so clients can see the effects of their symptoms and how and why pain is created
  • Examine how the body creates different types of diseases such as chronic fatigue, cancers, syndromes, edemas and how they all fit into the 6 stages of disease.
  • Uncover how the body is highly metaphorical and how to simply and easily apply that knowledge to assist your clients in getting to the root energetic cause of their issues
  • Integrate in your ACE practice the 5 new words that make up practically every disease or issue we create, then learn how to use them to effortlessly find the meaning behind any disease
  • During the training Richard will also demonstrate the use of the MiHealth, the NESHealth MIND Infoceuticals, NES Provison with ACE, all optional complimentary techniques designed to accelerate the release of the trapped energy and assist in the client healing themselves
  • And discover how to use the brand new ACE crystals with ACE so you can speed up your clients removal of trapped energy lots lots more!


Course Materials Included:

All course materials are available to view online or download format.

All course materials are available to view online or download.

In this course you will have access to the following course materials:

    • Video Course Lessons online - Access 24/7
    • Course Manual - Available in PDF format for you to download.
    • Slides - Available in PDF format for you to download
    • Access to Student Forums

PDF - requires Adobe Reader, available at



What You Can Expect

videos-iconVideo Lessons Online
This online course consists of many video modules which have been pre-recorded. These course lessons are self-paced that you can access and view 24/7. The length of the entire video module portion is approximately equal to a 2-day length weekend course.


Test-paper-iconCourse Quiz
After watching all the course video modules, there is a multiple choice quiz to be completed. You can complete this quiz at any time to complete the course and earn your certificate. Each online student will be required to complete the Level 2 Quiz (online) and earn a passing grade to complete the course and earn the Level 2 Practitioner Certificate.


edit-iconPractical Exercises
You will have the opportunity during this course to work with another student, friend, colleague or family member, through the steps and strategies outlined by the trainer and complete, from start to finish, the basic casework. You will work on the “client” to discover and clear an issue. You will be required to take notes on the process, observations on the client during the process and gain a testimonial/feedback from the “client” on the process once completed. The Private Facebook group will allow you to meet your peers and connect to work on one another (via Skype) or you can work with someone you know on the home front. Get 100% support on these exercises. If you have questions about the process, feel free to share on the Facebook Group and get feedback from Richard or your peers to help you with your client casework.


Completing this course will earn you the following Certificate: LEVEL 2 Advanced Clearing Energetics Practitioner You will then be eligible to complete the LEVEL 3 ACE Practitioner course for certification.


As a registrant you will NEVER need to get re-certified for this Level and you will have lifetime access to the course online to study/review at any time at your own pace.






download-iconDownload Course Materials
All ACE Level 2 videos, manuals, slides and many other course resources and handouts are available for you to download. You also have 24-7 access to come online and view the materials at anytime.


social-facebook-box-blue-iconStudents can join our ACE Level 2 Private Facebook group to network or collaborate with peers, trainer(s), form study sessions or request exercise partners. Join us for interactive chats, discussions and Q & A inside the ACE Level 2 Private Facebook group.


inbox-outbox-mailStudent Newsletter
All Students are able to keep up to date on student happenings through the Student newsletter. You are automatically sent an email right when you register to be included. Your trainer, Richard Flook, will send out course updates and student news throughout the year to keep you in the know about ACE, developments, and other alternative health news.

Drop us an EMAIL anytime to ask your questions, clarify something or request more information.


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ACE Level 2