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3 Common Mistakes Practitioners make with their business marketing that keep them from the success and lifestyle they want.

As a Practitioner or Trainer, marketing should be one of your biggest priorities. When you focus on marketing, you will locate ways to find your ideal client and audiences which will fill your client list and event seats. Marketing is not seen as an easy task and many businesses suffer because of poor marketing, lack of time or attention being placed on it, listening to the wrong advice or simply not knowing how to market.

go where money flowsOften the focus is on the moment, meeting with clients who are paying you (thereby paying your bills). You go where the money flows. This will only bring you income in the moment but what about the long term? What happens if your client stops coming to appointments or solves their issues and doesn't need you anymore? What if you don't get enough people to sign up for your event? What happens when your cash flow stops? - "survival" mode kicks in. You scurry to try to find new clients to fill the gap.

Marketing should never be your "back-up" plan when you run out of clients or need to fill event seats.

Marketing should support your business. It should contain goals and actions that take you towards your overall goals for your business. You should avoid "set-it-and-forget-it" tactics like building a website which doesn't get updated in weeks, months or years if you want to be seen as a legitimate go to expert that provides a solution to people's problems.

Marketing is an active process which should be weaved into your business and must be your primary focus.

The problem is marketing is usually not part of the training you do for your modality. You either need to take a business course in marketing or hire a firm to do your marketing for you. This is both time consuming and costly. Let's face it, sometimes even marketing firms don't get the marketing right for you. Many principles of traditional marketing are outdated or impractical. They create one-size fits all plans based on what they were "taught" (remember - outdated) and create packages for you that you buy into, because you don't know any different… after all, they are the professionals right?

You must be involved in your own marketing as only you can provide the details that make your marketing plan work.

There has been a shift in marketing in the past few years that has created an impact for solo and small business owners. This shift has traded in hard core (in-your-face) sales tactics for more authentic solution based marketing.

How do I get up to speed on marketing quickly and find out how to weave it in so I can start seeing progress for my business?

The ACE Your Marketing course taps into the pulse of these new dynamic marketing principles. It will focus on results-oriented actions that will fill events, attract new clients, raise your income and grow your business. We will look at the shift in marketing that is creating amazing results for solo and small business owners like never before.
We want you to hit the ground running and be successful from the get-go.


By the end of the ACE Your Marketing course, you will:

✓ Have a brand new mindset about marketing that moves you forward in business.
✓ Take advantage of your strengths that will benefit your marketing.
✓ Know who your ideal client is and isn't.
✓ Understand where you can find your ideal clients.
✓ Understand the cycle of marketing and weave it into your business.
✓ Have a complete 6 point marketing plan that begins drawing in new clients and fills event seats.
✓ Take your marketing strategies and apply it to your website and other online marketing.
✓ Identify sources and resources that support the growth of your business.
✓ Discover new ways to market your business that you enjoy and opens new doors.
✓ Formulate strategies that will establish you as the go-to expert in your field.

Topics Covered in the ACE Your Marketing Course

  • ACE Your Practitioner/Trainer Beliefs
  • Knowing Your Limitations
  • Discovering Your Unique Talents
  • Professional Development
  • Your Ideal client Profile
  • Finding Your Ideal Clients
  • Your Website and Internet Marketing
  • Establishing Marketing Goals
  • Type of Marketing
  • The Marketing Cycle
  • Marketing Reach
  • Marketing Your Skills and Your Business
  • EstablishingYour Expertise and Presence
  • Creating Ripples
  • New Growth Opportunities
  • Building Your Audience
  • Expanding Your Reach

What the Course Includes:

The ACE Your Marketing course will be available in May 2013. It will consist of

  • Webinar Style Modules
  • Workbook
  • Manual
  • Slides
  • Worksheets
  • Handouts
  • Marketing Template Sheets

You will also have access to your trainer (Karen Hilts - see below) to implement what you have learned in this course and begin applying it to your business via one-to-one or group mentorships and email.

  • At the end of the course you will have opportunity to have your complete marketing plan reviewed.
  • If you would like to work together in groups, opportunities will be made available. Peer groups are helpful to brainstorm for ideas that will help you to put together your final marketing plan.

This course includes video files which can be downloaded for your OWN PERSONAL USE. All materials are subject to copyright and ACE Course policies for downloading.


The course begins in Late Fall 2014. Payment plans are available.

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About Your Trainer

Karen Hilts

Karen Hilts

Karen Hilts

Karen Hilts is Richard's business manager and has an incredible background in Web Programming and Design, Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Product Launches, Office Administration and has been training clients over the past 14 years how to bring their business online in a BIG way. Karen also has a background in Social Work and has taken the ACE Level 1 and 2 Trainings and the NLP Training with Richard Flook. She is the owner of ACE Your Biz DOT COM ( which provides ACE Practitioners with exclusive access to bring their business presence online through development of your website and designing your marketing message that attracts new clients and fill events.