Gain a whole new understanding of the disease process and be able to quickly find the root cause behind a clients disease or pain and clear it at amazing speeds.

Advanced Clearing Energetics® provides a brand new outlook into the core of health issues and provides a powerful set of user-friendly strategies to help clear the underlying energy that lead to those issues. These innovative techniques provide a remarkable way for you to work on yourself or with clients to gain incredible results in far less time. Boost your current strategies and gain amazing results for yourself, your clients or patients.


In ACE Level 1, you will learn:

✓ Why people REALLY get sick and why its time for change in how we approach sickness, disease and pain.
✓ The exact steps and strategies to find, understand and clear out the unresolved issues leading to health problems.
✓ How disease is NOT a mistake but rather a process that follows a distinct pattern.
✓ How to gather client info "smarter" so you can gain incredible results quicker!
✓ Strategies to use on yourself and discover the root cause of your own health issues.

The Level 1 Program is meant for anyone who wants to finally resolve health issues at the core so that self-healing can take place effectively, efficiently and at amazing speeds. Whether your looking for answers to help in your own healing or want to begin the learning process and become a highly skilled Practitioner, Level 1 will provide you the tools.

This course is an excellent compliment to any current practitioner skills you already are using. You can take this course for interest, to enhance your skills, or to work towards a new career as a ACE Practitioner or Trainer. ACE Level 1 provides you all the key elements to set you up for optimal success with your own health or your clients, grow your business, help more people and much much more.


The simplicity and yet depth of ACE is refreshing. Being an observer….not getting into the story or drama (not easy lol) and letting the client do the work is ground breaking.
Thank you.
~Sue Doyle~


Course Overview

Level 1 is an introductory course which provides the basis for all Advanced Clearing Energetics® course trainings.

In this course you will learn how to:

✓ Discover the link between Stress and Disease so you can pinpoint why we REALLY get sick or experience pain.
✓ Understand the 4 elements behind every stressful event that determines whether it will lead to disease or pain.
✓ Explore the 4 major organs of the body that determine how a disease or pain will be "handled" by the body.
✓ Learn the 6 clear Stages of every disease or pain so you can pinpoint exactly what a client has gone through and will go through on the way to becoming well again
✓ Change your Practitioner Mindset about how to collect information, deciphering its relevance and how this information is processed so you can focus on what's important and speed up results for your client.
✓ Take a Step back and learn how to let the client do the work that is REALLY required towards their self-healing.
Reduce steps in the process that are time wasters so that the client's need for results come quicker.
✓ Combine what you're already doing along with the ACE skill sets to get the best results for your client in less time.
✓ Connect with various energies to both build rapport with a client and to aid in clearing out the root cause.
✓ Know what words and actions to avoid that cross legal boundaries while staying true to your goals for positive results for your client.
Clear the root cause using Advanced Clearing Energetics
✓ Check the Client and Test their Results to see if healing is or has taken place.


Online Home Study materials included:


All course materials are available to view online or download format.


In this course you will have access to the following course materials:

✓ Video Course Lessons online
✓ Course Manual - Available in PDF format for you to download.
✓ Slides - Available in PDF format for you to download
✓ Online Quiz
✓ Online Testimonial/Feedback Form
✓ Access to Student Forums

PDF - requires Adobe Reader, available at


What You Can Expect

videos-iconThis online course consists of many video modules which have been pre-recorded. These course lessons are self-paced that you can access and view 24/7. The length of the entire video module portion is approximately equal to a 2-day length weekend course.


Test-paper-iconAfter watching all the course video modules, there is a multiple choice quiz to be completed. You can complete this quiz at any time to complete the course and earn your certificate. At the end of the quiz you will find a form to share feedback from the self directed exercises from the course as well as your own feedback on the course itself. Each online student will be required to complete the Level 1 Quiz (online) and earn a passing grade to complete the course and earn the Level 1 Practitioner Certificate.


edit-iconDuring the video modules, there is opportunity to complete self-directed exercises to use and test the ACE Strategies. You can work with a family member or friend to work on a health issue and go through the ACE Steps. When you complete the quiz, there is a feedback form included at the end of the quiz where you can provide your comments on your experience working with someone.


Diploma-Certificate-iconCompleting this course will earn you the following Certificate: LEVEL 1 Advanced Clearing Energetics Practitioner You will then be eligible to complete the LEVEL 2 ACE Practitioner course for certification.


As a registrant you will NEVER need to get re-certified for this Level and you will have lifetime access to the course online to study/review at any time at your own pace.







download-iconDownload Course Materials
All videos, manuals, slides and many other course resources and handouts are available for you to download. You also have 24-7 access to come online and view the materials at anytime.

social-facebook-box-blue-iconStudents can also join out Private Facebook group to network or collaborate with peers, trainer(s), form study sessions or request exercise partners. Join us for interactive chats, discussions and Q & A inside the ACE Level 1 Private Facebook group.

inbox-outbox-mailStudent Newsletter
All Students are able to keep up to date on student happenings through the Student newsletter. You are automatically sent an email right when you register to be included. Your trainer, Richard Flook, will send out course updates and student news throughout the year to keep you in the know about ACE, developments, and other alternative health news.

Drop us an EMAIL anytime to ask your questions, clarify something or request more information.

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