If You’re Seeking a New Career

#1: You want to build your own practice and work with clients

counseling-99740_1280You have the desire to help people with their health and to make a lasting impact in people’s lives. You want to help people improve their health. You would like to become a skilled practitioner and begin taking on clients. You may want to enhance the path your currently taking by adding new skills to your resume or to completely change directions from your current path.

You would benefit from:
LEVEL1MANUALDVD-400Taking any or all of the Level 1,2,3, and 5 ACE courses.

All levels carry a Practitioner Certification accredited through IAACE (International Association of Advanced Clearing Energetics). Skills within the course will prepare you to take on minor health issues (level 1) to more advanced issues (Level 5). You don't require a medical background. Some of our current practitioners have other backgrounds in alternative or conventional medicine but use ACE as their sole technique.


#2: You like speaking or training in group settings, and don't mind travelling to locations near and far.

Teacher at ChalkboardThere is a desire in you to teach other's. You are interested in training groups of people at live course trainings and are willing to work with other's to coordinate training events both locally, nationally and possibly internationally. You may be interested in appearing on shows, radio programs, online talk shows, webinars, tele summits etc to share what you do.

LEVEL1MANUALDVD-400You may be interested in:

Trainings are a great way to introduce quality skill-sets to practitioners and earn an amazing living while being able to travel and meet fantastic people. Training to be an ACE Trainer or Master Trainer includes access to all your updated teaching materials, trainer meetings, updates on new developments and much more. As a Trainer, you will also gain access to many marketing and promotional materials for your business so you can a rock solid start and begin building your student list right away.

Get a jump start now and learn the materials in ACE Level 1-3 and be one of the first Trainers training the Brand New ACE Materials to health professional and alternative therapy professionals worldwide!

Coming 2014 - Level 4 and 6 are both Trainer Courses, which will allow you to teach this material to groups at Live venues and become a skilled instructor of ACE.