About the Member Directory

IAACE - About Your Business Listing

As a member of IAACE you are eligible to place your professional profile into our online directory. The directory is searchable so that fellow members and anyone searching the website can easily discover your information and contact you directly for professional followup.

Listing your profile in the directory also tells people you are a member in good standing and are dedicated to further advancement in both your professional field and on a personal level. It tells them you aim to maintain and improve professional competence, enhance your knowledge in your field, keep on top of new information and practices, and desire to comply with professional regulatory organizations.

All members of IAACE can place an IAACE "badge" (Association Member logo) on forms, in your website, in emails etc. so you can let people know you are a member of the association.

Create or Edit Your Business Directory Profile

Association Membership required to add your business to the directory. Please log in if you are already an ACE Student/Practitioner or have already become an Association Member, in order to add your Business to the Directory.