If You’re Seeking Answers to Health Issues…

I am looking for answers to health issues for myself, a loved one or friend.

Sick Young Woman Lying in BedYou're not getting the answers you need for your health concerns and want to truly understand where particular health issues are stemming from so the process of healing can begin for good. You may be experiencing chronic health issues, coping with pain, mental health concerns or other health issues and want to gain clear insights.

You want answers and no one seems to be able to give you the answer for why you're sick. You have a medical diagnosis and have sought out treatment. If your dealing with a chronic issue, you may want to resolve the issue so you no longer have to live with the issue.

Advanced Clearing Energetics will help you understand the core issues that your health concerns stem from so you can clear out the unresolved conflict and begin the process of healing.

You would benefit from:

Level 1 Course

LEVEL1MANUALDVD-400Level 1 ACE Course – the Core Concepts of ACE explained in a simple, easy to understand, step by step process. This online course provides the major premise behind ACE and will provide you step by step method’s to apply to your own health issues. Gain the core concepts behind ACE and begin resolving issues that you want to clear starting today!

The Book on ACE

bookjacket400Why Am I Sick – The Book (July 2013 Release) – Richard Flook (Author)
This book outlines Advanced Clearing Energetics, how it works and provides detailed insights into root causes and how to clear out the energy behind it so you can begin the process of self-healing.

Meeting with a Practitioner

counseling-99740_1280 Set up an appointment with an ACE Practitioner to consult on your health issues. Practitioners are located around the globe and can work with you either in-person, by phone or over the internet to assist you in clearing out the underlying cause of your health issues.

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