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What is an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program allows you to earn commissions when you share products and services. You can share those products/services through your website, newsletters, social networks and training events. Share with visitors, customers, family and friends and when they visit the ACE website, you'll earn cash on every qualifying sale or registration made through your banners and links.

What is an ACE affiliate?

Affiliates would be able to offer health related programs and services to their own lists, website guests and social media networks. These include health related practitioner training courses, health consultations and home study ACE Practitioner programs. It may also include store products like health videos, downloads, books, and ebooks.

An ACE Affiliate is someone we consider to be part of our extended "team". To be eligible for approval of Affiliate status, we will verify that your website is relevant to health related topics first and foremost. If your site has other topics, we may consider it if there is some health component included in your site. Also, if you have an alternative, complementary or traditional health practice, you are eligible for entrance into the program.

ACE Affiliate's share products and services via links/banners we provide, through our affiliate control panel. These links and banners are placed on your own website(s), social networks (twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc), and to your email lists, etc. When you share those products, the person you refer comes to the ACE Website and if the referred person makes a purchase or registers for a program, you earn a commission.

You can also offer these products and services through training events/seminars to live audiences. We will show you how! Every time a client/customer purchases a product or service via your special links, you will earn a commission for that referral. If they purchase again later, you get another commission for the new sale.

What products can I offer?

We currently offer course registrations for ACE Practitioner as an option to refer people to. We will be adding a whole new product area onto the ACE Network which will include digital products. Practitioners in our Association Partnership Program can create digital products relating to ACE and offer them through our ACE Network product area (coming soon) and you as an affiliate can promote those products through this affiliate program.

Is there support for a newbie?

As we grow, we are adding new tutorials all the time to answer your questions. When you log into the Affiliate Control Panel, you will see a link to Tutorials. The tutorial section covers the basics of how to get your links, how to add them to your site and many other “need to know” information. You can also email us from the control panel if you need personal help to get started.

Is there a fee to join?

There is NO COST to join and once you are signed up and approved to affiliate status, you can begin adding special affiliate code, that we provide, to your sites to begin earning commissions.

How do I get paid?

YOU WILL need to have a paypal account to get paid. It’s free and easy to set up a paypal account.(new window) You need to make sure that this email is added into your profile once you log in. Commissions are paid out 60 days from the date of sale with a minimum balance of $100. Up to 20% paid on Regular commissions and 30% to Active Affiliates who earn VIP status.

What happens after signup?

We manually approve all affiliates. Upon sign up, you will get a "pending email" as we will take time to review your Affiliate Sign Up information, including your website, and if accepted, we will approve you to the team. After approval you will receive an email about your sign up status. Approval may take up to 2 business days so please be patient. When you do receive your affiliate approval email (which will include your log in details and a link to the control panel), you will be able to log into the Affiliate Control Panel to grab your banner and link codes to copy and paste into your own websites, social networks or email campaigns.

How do I sign up?

Simply scroll down, click the button for Signing Up. Complete the form on the Sign Up page to register as an affiliate and Join the Amazing ACE Team!