CPPD Activity Categories

IAACE - CPPD Activity Categories

The following list provides an overview of categories and activities that may be accepted as CPPD points. If you are seeking an activity which does not appear in this list, please contact us with a request for review as soon as you know about an activity. Please note that an immediate reply may not be possible. Allow 7-10 business days for a response to your request.

Professional Activities


Take a course in another related field (integrative with your own current practice)

Take a home study course (must take notes to be placed along with CPPD Form into your file if no certificate is offered)

Watch a DVD course (must take notes to be placed along with CPPD Form into your file if no certificate is offered)

Take an online course (must take notes to be placed along with CPPD Form into your file if no certificate is offered)

Take University or College Courses

Continuing Education Courses in your field

Refresher Course in your field



Seminars (must take notes to be placed along with CPPD Form into your file.)

Webinars (must take notes to be placed along with CPPD Form into your file.)

Attend Conferences (signature)

Active Participant in an organization as a volunteer (signature)

Contributions to your field:

Teach a class (online or offline)

Write a new course (online or offline)

Write and Publish a book

Plan a professional event

Write Book Reviews so people can discover books they want to read.

Write articles that get published in a professional newsletter, magazine or journal (not your own)

Case studies that get published


Publish and maintain a publicly accessible blog related to your field of expertise

Plan and implement a webinar

Plan and implement a Podcast

Plan and implement a Seminar

Holding a position in a local, provincial, state or national professional organization related to your field for a period of 12months or more.

Research Project - contribution on a topic which makes a contribution to the integrative health field and can be contributed to the knowledge base here.

Presenter at a conference

Supervise a conference booth/table and providing the public information and resources, answer questions etc.

One of the most essential things you need to do for yourself is to choose a goal that is important to you. Perfection does not exist -- you can always do better and you can always grow.
-Les Brown

Personal Development

The following is a list of activities which may be accepted as a personal development point. Other activities may be considered upon request.


Taking a course to improve a personal or business skill:
file managing
public speaking skills
time management
goal setting
presentation skills training
telephone skills training
stress management course
minute taking
personal effectiveness training
consulting skills training
NLP Course - if you have never taken one or upgrade
Body language Course
business development course
social media training
web design course
negotiation skills
conflict management skills training
software program training eg Microsoft office (word, excel, powerpoint etc
business letter writing
advertising strategies
dealing with difficult people


Other Activities:

Join a Networking Group in your community and establish your presence as a business.

Read a book on any of the above course topics

Join a healthy living program such as a gym membership, hiring a personal trainer, taking up a physical activity at a local facility (aerobics, yoga,kickboxing, dance as examples) with the goal being improving your personal health. A health club attendant or trainer should sign your CPPD form stating you have attended on a regular basis and are meeting your goals for better personal health.

Volunteer for a local organization and better the lives of the people in your community.

Work with another Health Coach with the goal of improving your personal health.

A healthier you is a reflection on how you present yourself to a client. Being your personal best is a strong positive reflection on personal development. You can't be the best for your client if you're not being the best to yourself.



Information relevant to proof of any of these activities must accompany your CPPD Form for any of these activities.

This may include but, is not limited to:

receipts, note taking, signature of sponsor/supervisor/speaker, flyers, posters, outline of course topic, handouts, date of training, length of activity, syllabus, location of publication, copy of your own paperwork (outlines, planning strategies, coursework), certificates etc.

Keep all this information together in a file for all your CPPD paperwork. At any time an audit by an appointed representative may randomly contact you to review the file.

You will need to log in and visit your profile page to submit details about the activity you participated in. A point value will be evaluated and added to your profile upon acceptance of the activity into our system. Total points will be available so you can keep track of your activities.