Point Criteria

Points will be awarded on activities submitted into the CPPD form provided on this site. Your activity will be reviewed and the proper point score awarded.


We evaluate your activity based on difficulty level, length of activity (hours/days), quality of activity and its relevance in either personal or professional development.

Awarding Points

Your total points will appear in your online IAACE account. You can review your points at any time when you log into your account.

NOTE: Newly submitted activities will take time before they will appear on your account. This depends on the time needed to review. Once reviewed, points will be awarded and will appear in your account and be displayed on your log in welcome page.


When submitting your CPPD Form online, please be sure to include in the description area, the length of time (#HOURS/#DAYS) that the activity involved. Include complete details of the event including any links to information about the event. The more information provided will aid in the awarding of points towards such an activity and to your overall points towards CPPD Credits.