Partnership Program

Why a Partnership Program?

The Association joins ACE Practitioner, Students and Colleagues as a community. It is a place to share your business through the ACE Directory and find people to build strategic alliances.

The Association acts as a central body to officially certify students as ACE Practitioners with high standards for a quality program and professional conduct. Our goal is to keep Association Membership free to all those who embark on the path to become an ACE Practitioner. The partnership program is one way to keep membership free while help you grow in your business.

The partnership program helps by offering you the opportunity to share and promote your expertise through our channels, allowing your business to grow. Let's take a look at what the partnership program is...

What is the Partnership Program?

It's all about you. It's about you sharing your expertise with the world which will, in turn, grow your client base, grow your business visibility, and generate some additional income for your business. It's about taking a step out into the world in a big way and making ripples, whether that be to stand out, highlight a health issue dear to your heart, leave a lasting impact or some other amazing imprint. We help by offering support and expertise in creating and promoting a product or service you are willing to share with our ACE Network, in the ACE Store, through our Affiliate Team and through your own promotional channels. A portion of the proceeds from the product/service sold through ACE goes back into the Association to cover administrative costs, the rest goes to you.

How it Works

1. You develop a digital product or training (see below for other ideas) with your niche expertise (whatever alternative/convential health modalities you provide) tied into ACE. (we can help with that - resources available to assist!)
2. We promote your product or training on the ACE website, to the ACE Affiliate team (who then share with their lists), ACE social networks, ACE newsletters and to all our members.
3. You deliver the Product or Training (eg. pre-record video/audio, ebook, webinar, home study training etc) so it can be made available to download after purchase.
4. Final full edited Product/Training will be place in the ACE Network Product Store for unlimited digital product sales.
5. Profits are split 50-50. You get 50% of sales and Association gets 50%. Association will pay ACE affiliates out of its share of the 50%.

We can assist you in developing products too! It doesn't need to cost a fortune to develop a product and we have many resources and go-to resources to assist you in turning an idea into a product. Ask us how!

Not into Trainings and Video Recording?
We understand, so there are plenty of other options available to you, to share your expertise, grow your expert profile and share your niche. Some ideas include other digital products such as ebooks, "white" papers, audio mp3's, interviews etc which can be potential products as well. You may have other ideas!

The following section shares some potential options (to get the creative juices flowing), that you as students/practitioners, can pursue to accelerate that growth and development in partnership with the Association.

  • Video Course on your niche topic
  • Books
  • Ebooks
  • MP3 of a program you record and put together
  • Training Events
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • White Paper

How will we Promote You?

We will promote you through the following channels:

  • Product Area (Store) for any products you offer (books, videos, ebooks, downloads, mp3's)
  • Events Calender - for any LIVE event offerings you want to offer.
  • Affiliate Program - we will share your products, programs and events with our affiliates so they can share you with their lists, newsletter, website, social networks etc. and earn a commission for doing so, if it results in a sale
  • Newsletter - we will promote your product offering in our growing newsletter
  • Social Networks - we will promote your product offering through our social networks
  • Live Events - we will promote your offering at any events offered via the Association and/or Richard Flook via product catalog or samples.
  • Interview - Get interviewed for ACE TV and be featured in our Network article section that gets promoted across our newsletter and social networks.

Let's Partner...

Connect with us at to collaborate and make it happen!

Additional Benefits

By offering these products, you will increase your visibility in your field of expertise and earn a profit for it and you will be providing quality content that will go global!

Taking advantage of the Partnership Program is a great way to get your name out there. By allowing us to share your knowledge through our ACE network, you are instantly pre-qualified for potential clients or students, as the go-to expert in your field. It will also further establish you as an expert who has the "Stamp of Approval" from a growing organization and enhances the public's trust factor in you.

PLUS...Your "product" will also count towards your Professional Development criteria within the Association.

IF we offer your product or training on the Network, your product is eligible for the official IAACE Approved Seal that can be used within your download (templates,manuals,slides etc)

Connect with us at to begin the process of Partnering. Share with us your ideas for an offering to contribute into the Partnership Program. We will work with you through the entire process to bring your idea to fruition.

Still Have Questions?

Visit the Q&A Page or send us your questions by email