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Gain a deeper understanding of how your body works, how it communicates, and how it copes with stress. Learn the fundamental characteristics of each stage of a disease and how the body reacts. Identify core issues of disease and techniques to clear the underlying energy.


Become a ACE Level 2 Practitioner

By the end of this course you will

✓ Understand more effectively how the body works and how the heart, organs, brain and gut communicate.
✓ Determine the relationship of each layer of the brain to each organ.
✓ Recognize the symptoms experienced by a client and quickly determine which brain layer is being accessed
✓ Decipher key phrases shared by the client that provide clues to the root cause.
✓ Easily determine what the body part affected is trying to tell you that will help determine the root cause.
✓ Identify clues to who or what may potentially be behind the root cause
✓ Decipher key phrases spoken by a client that can further reveal the root cause.
✓ Be able to assist a client to pinpoint how far back the issue has been a problem and be able to clear it completely.
✓ Understand how our nutritional requirements are being affected and contribute to health issues.
✓ Know exactly what the client is experiencing in each stage of disease.
✓ Discover how chronic diseases work within the framework of the 6 stages and how to clear them.
✓ Simplify everything to 5 words that cover every aspect of pain or disease.


I am healthier then I have been in over 10 years. I am able to fast track healing myself from anything, like the common cold to swelling feet quickly and effectively. ACE is simply amazing!
~ Karen Hilts, ACE Practitioner, Former Social Worker, and Internet Marketing Specialist


What will be covered in Level 2

Level 2 expands upon what is learned in the Level 1 Course. Level 1 provides the Major Premise behind Advanced Clearing Energetics. In Level 2 we will take a deeper look at the brain layers, their function, how our body communicates to different areas, root causes and stages of disease, and much more. Here is an outline of topics covered in this course.

  • Understand the 4 Brain Layers, their communicative functions and the ACE Brain Questions during the process.
  • Uncover The UDIN and How the Body's responds to its environment
  • Significantly accelerate your clients results, effectively reducing the stress and improving their overall functioning. ACE works fast to manage or eliminate the stuck energy.
  • Learn a brand new technique called "ACE balancing" which settles the nervous systems of the body, accelerates healing and removes the potential for your client to relapse
  • Incorporate a new set of "ACE" beliefs into your work that will further transform your results.
  • Discover the importance of the gut system and how using this dramatically increases your results.
  • Investigate the importance of Epigenetics, the new science of genetics and micro RNAs and use a set of even more advanced techniques to clear energy from our bodies.
  • Recognize the 6 stages of a disease, how diseases are labelled allowing you more flexibility when dealing with clients symptoms.
  • Explore and trigger important parts of the 6 stages of disease, so clients can see the effects of their symptoms and how and why pain is created
  • Examine how the body creates different types of diseases such as chronic fatigue, cancers, syndromes, edemas and how they all fit into the 6 stages of disease.
  • Uncover how the body is highly metaphorical and how to simply and easily apply that knowledge to assist your clients in getting to the root energetic cause of their issues
  • Integrate in your ACE practice the 5 new words that make up practically every disease or issue we create, then learn how to use them to effortlessly find the meaning behind any disease
  • During the training Richard will also demonstrate the use of other integrative techniques along with ACE (all optional complimentary techniques) to show you how ACE works alongside other therapies and techniques. Some of these are designed to accelerate the release of the trapped energy and assist in the client healing themselves. e.g. "ACE Oils".

..................plus lots lots more!


Course Materials Included:

In this course you will have access to the following course materials:

  • Course Manual - Also made available in PDF format for you to download online.
  • Slides - Available in PDF format for you to download
  • Access to Student Forums
  • Access Private Facebook Group
  • PDF - requires Adobe Reader, available at adobe.com

* Association Membership is available to all students at no additional cost.


This course is so well put together and really made with the students to learn practice and review in several perspectives of our senses and so much is simply explained that, I think people who are newly interested can actually "get" it. Having lots of background study and experience helps to understand quickly but I really feel like it's a really great teaching. I saw the book suggestion on Amazon e-mail, then before "Why I am sick", I signed up for 3 levels, because with all I studied, I was 1000% sure, that this was what I was looking for next. ~ Big bow.
Junnon, Paris France



Completing this course will earn you the following Certificate: LEVEL 2 Advanced Clearing Energetics Practitioner
Completing this section makes you eligible to move onto LEVEL 3 ACE Practitioner.

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