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busypractitionerGain a deeper and meaningful look at the core of Psychological Issues and familiarize yourself with strategies to clear out the underlying trapped energy behind it.


What will be covered in Level 3

Level 3 expands upon what is learned in the Level 2 Course. This course covers more advanced materials then level 2 and takes a glance at simple to complex psychological issues.

Here is an outline of topics covered in this course. There will be some quick review of LEVEL 2 elements and how they apply to advanced psychological issues.

  • Determine How a Client is Wired - Understanding Handedness
  • Explore the Frontal Lobe and its significance
  • Examine the Eyes and the Human Psyche
  • Understand Manic Depression
  • Identify The 6 Stages of Disease of psychological issues
  • Uncovering a UDIN and its importance in psychological issues
  • Trigger Mania/Depression in the client
  • Define SSRIs and their use in the Treatment of Psychological Issues
  • Broaden Knowledge on Combination Psychological Issues
  • Understand and Learn How to work with Addictions
  • Understand and Learn How to work with ADD/ADHD
  • Understand and Learn How to work with the Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Take a deeper look at Anxiety, Depression, Mania, Paranoia and other Psych Issues
  • How to Coach the client through withdrawal
  • How to Clear issues using Advanced Clearing Energetics


ACE is the therapy for the 21st Century. It has become my main and most enjoyable way of working with clients allowing spirit to do the work.
~Timothy Ryan Ph D~


Course materials included:

  • Course Manual - Also available in PDF format for you to download.
  • Slides - Also available in PDF format for you to download
  • Access to Student Forums
  • Access Private Facebook Group

PDF - requires Adobe Reader, available at adobe.com

* Association Membership is available to all students at no additional cost.


Completing this course will earn you the following Certificate: LEVEL 3 Advanced Clearing Energetics Practitioner
Course Fees must be paid in full before an official Certificate is mailed. You will receive a temporary pdf certificate which will expire within 24 months of receiving.

Completing this section makes you eligible to move onto Trainers Training(Level 4 Program) and/or Level 5 ACE Masters Training.

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