If You’re Currently a Health Professional

I am a health professional (conventional or alternative) who wants to be highly effective with my clients.

ladypractYou’re currently working with clients or patients, helping them improve health and wellness issues (physical or mental health) but want to make your work more effective. You may be a medical professional, alternative therapist or practice in some form of alternative practice. You care for your client’s health enough to provide them with their best chance at improvement. You want to provide for your patients or clients in the most authentic way and provide more then just "relief" from symptoms of chronic health issues. You want to offer more.

You know that advancing your skills can benefit both you and you’re practice and are ready to learn.

You would benefit from:
LEVEL1MANUALDVD-400Taking the current courses: Level 1, 2, 3 (and 5 - coming in 2014)
Level 1 will provide you with the core elements of Advanced Clearing Energetics to use with clients, a great new skillset to add to your current practice.
Level 2 will go beyond what you already know about the body and how it operates to look at the core issues behind 85-95% of disease, pain, illness and other medical conditions, understand the stages of those issues and discover how the body communicates these to the various areas.
Level 3 will get more involved, taking an in-depth look at a large variety of mental health issues.

Coming 2014 - You may also benefit in the future from a Level 4-7 class once they are available. These will include Trainer’s Training(4), Master Practitioner(5) and Master Trainer’s Training(6). Level 7 is an ACE Professional where you are helping to advance the field in a big way.

Level 4 and up will be available online in 2014. Level 1-3 are prerequisites.