Disease Topic: Brain Aneurism

Aneurysm of the basilar artery, and the vertebral arteries. Source: Wikipedia

Aneurysm of the basilar artery, and the vertebral arteries.
Source: Wikipedia

An intracranial aneurysm (also called cerebral or brain aneurysm) is a cerebrovascular disorder in which weakness in the wall of a cerebral artery or vein causes a localized dilation or ballooning of the blood vessel.

This is all to do with issues relating to the cerebral arteries or veins.

It relates to the sympathetic stage of a disease which is Stage 2 (of 6) in the ACE Disease process.

The vein or artery becomes thinner at this time. The wall of the vein or artery can bulge, especially during times when the blood is under extreme pressure.

This happens because the person feels a deep intellectual lack of strength.

They feel inferior mentally to others.

When working with ACE, I would go to place where the aneurism is and clear the trapped energy of feelings of not being good enough intellectually.

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