Disease Topic: Essential Hypertension

Essential hypertension (also called primary hypertension or idiopathic hypertension) is the form of hypertension that by definition, has no identifiable cause. It is the most common type of hypertension, affecting 95% of hypertensive patients, it tends to be familial and is likely to be the consequence of an interaction between environmental and genetic factors. Prevalence of essential hypertension increases with age, and individuals with relatively high blood pressure at younger ages are at increased risk for the subsequent development of hypertension. Hypertension can increase the risk of cerebral, cardiac, and renal events. ~ Wikipedia

This seems to have a high genetic link. Therefore the disease is probably epigenetic in nature.

My belief is that the issue stems back from parents who have been through a highly traumatic situation, such as an earth quake or Tsunami, plus world wars could also play a significant part in this as well.

The person is living continuously in fear, a perpetual flight, fight or freeze response. This was discovered in children whose mothers had been in 911. I would suggest you look at the parents and grandparents lives and clear out the trapped energy.

There is likely a connection with the kidneys as well. Look at the kidneys and perhaps even the Kidney Collecting Tubule syndrome. (key areas for water retention and swelling - 50% of issues are usually issues of pain or swelling caused by water retention and can be relieved by working on this area)

When working in ACE I would go to the pulmonary arteries and coronary arteries. These are obviously located in the heart but what is not so obvious is where the issue is, in the brain. Above the ear on the left hand side there are controls forTachycardia and the right hand side Bradycardia.

My belief is that both of these areas are responsible for causing changes in blood pressure.

When working with ACE I would go to both these areas in the brain and deal with the underlying issues trapped there. I would also reduce salt intake, soya sauce, work with the Kidneys, especially the Adrenal Cortex.

The adrenal cortex has issues relating to moving in the wrong direction, being taken off course, backing the wrong person.

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