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"Evolutionary medicine essentially posits that the majority of illness and suffering occurs as a result of a mismatch between the environment an organism was evolved to live in and the environment they currently live in. "Put an organism back into it's natural habitat and it will heal" could be one way to summarise it. They share your view that modern medicine has become locked into looking at the proximate causes for injury and illness rather than the root causes. They state how many "diseases" or injuries are not "diseases" but defense mechanisms (fever, cancer, inflammation). The popular books on the topic are currently "Why we get sick", "Mismatch" and "Why Zebras don't get ulcers" with more academic books also out now. I can see the link between the two theories: if we live in an environment that is essentially alien to us and we do not get our needs met (sunshine, fresh air, natural foods, social interaction etc.), then stress is an inevitable result. This leads me to another question: in your view - can some disease exist in the absence of an UDIN? (i.e. let's say certain mineral deficiencies from a modern diet causes disease symptoms), or do you still consider this UDIN because the subconscious might still be stressed by the absence of the minerals even if you're not consciously experiencing stress initially?"
~Rene Borg~ (initially posted to ACE Facebook Page)


For Reference a UDIN is an event which is: Unexpected, Dramatic, Isolated, No Strategy

I knew what you were writing about was exciting, so thank you so much for your reply. I have been looking at the environment and the link between it and disease and I am really fascinated by your comments. I am not stuck on the idea that all disease is caused by a UDIN, it’s more complicated than that. I do believe that vitamin and mineral deficiencies can and do contribute to disease, but why and when does the lack of these thing get to the point that it causes a disease? That's an important question and one I want to explore with ACE. The book 'Why am I sick?' was written before I was really aware of this.

My new book however 'How can I heal?' will have more information about this, especially diet and how changing the environment of the gut can assist us to stay well and heal. Or how it can cause deterioration of our whole genome and therefore disease and passing on disease to our children.

To observe this you just have to explore how Monsanto, the world's supplier of Genetically Modified seeds, has systematically destroyed the gut environment of practically everyone in North America. It's been a massive experiment with a time bomb about to explode. We are starting to see severe obesity being the norm, diabetes on the rise and cancer rates increase unprecedentedly. This is only the start though, it's going to get worse in North America whilst those countries that did not allow GMOs in their diets, their figures will remain the same.

As an example Europe banned GMO in food over 15 years ago. The non labeling of Genetically Modified foods is a disaster and these companies, food organizations and government institutions, such as the FDA and the grocery manufacturing association GMA are hell bent on not letting people know what they are eating. All in the name of extreme greed.

We have gone as organic as we can in our household but even that is no safeguard as the water supplies across North America are at cancerous levels of Glyphosate, so even the fruit and vegetables we eat are full of Monsanto’s weedkiller, glyphosate (Roundup). Which not only causes the death of weeds it also causes so many other issues inside our bodies to occur. Not only is the genetic modification changing the micro RNAs and therefore our genetic coding, glyphosate is killing us from the inside out, depleting our vitamins and nutrient content.

However, why do some people not get a disease when others do? Even though they eat this food 24/7.

I can only conclude it's the UDIN, but if you push your body to extremes with environmental changes such as diet, it only needs to be a minor UDIN under these circumstances that can trigger off a such massive response such as cancer, terminal illnesses or diabetes. A minor UDIN such as someone shouting at you. My recent conclusions are also that the UDIN is really just an environmental trigger or switch in energy, that then causes the body to change. The energetic threshold is the key, if you are well and have a good threshold, the depth of the UDIN causes an equally intense or less intense disease. And, this may surprise you, the UDIN is NOT the cause of disease but merely a past down remembered environmental trigger.

I believe, and can prove to some degree, we are predestined to experience the UDIN in order that we are better able to adapt to a future environment, if so needed. Epigenetic's answers that question so elegantly for us. The energetic shift occurs because the program is already there to receive it, just waiting for us to learn from our previous unsolved UDIN and pass down a new solution to the next generation.

If we have grown up in a certain environment and our background has not been plagued by wars, abuse, divorce or other horrendous issues from our ancestors or country, then I believe we can survive disease free. It is only when those unresolved issues are carried on down through the epigenetic line, to later be re-triggered by predestined environmental situations, then a disease occurs. The mere fact of mineral or vitamin deficiency does not cause a disease on its own. Depletion is another matter. But it certainly makes us more susceptible to a minor stressful event triggering off a larger underlying ancestral UDIN. It's the threshold that is key and how much underlying damage through environmental stress, in the workplace, at home, lack of sleep and our diet that determines if we get a disease or not.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Richard Flook is an expert on stress and disease with a focus in Alternative and Integrative Health with an extensive background in Integrative Health Coaching, Energy Therapies, EFT, NLP, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. His extensive work within these fields includes training 1000's of top blue chip company/corporation executives, medical and alternative practititoners. He is also a highly sought after speaker and health coach. His 20+ years of research and advancements in these fields lead him to discovering the strategies he calls "Advanced Clearing Energetics"(ACE). These strategies help uncover the root stress of an illness and assist the client to clear out the energy behind those stressors and rapidly increase the healing process. ACE can be used with any medical or alternative modality. His Revised book, "Why Am I Sick - What's really wrong and how you can solve it using Advanced Clearing Energetics" was released through Hay House Publishing in July 2013 and he is currently working on his 3rd book.

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2 comments on “Environment vs. UDIN
  1. Wojtek Hellkite says:

    I notice in my life and therapeutic practice, there are many more factors that can cause tissue/cell proceses other than udin, i.e. mobile radiation, blood acidification, low levels of oxygen. And because of those factors cells start to die, grow or multiply without udin. And than later when the occasion for infecton comes microbes have a job to do, so it happens. What do you think ? Regards Wojtek

    • richardflook says:

      Hi Wojtek, your comments are very true. There are indeed many factors that cause disease to occur. But the question arises when we consider the fact that many people use mobile phones, live a continuous life of stress, have low levels of oxygen and a high toxic overload in their body, but they do not get a disease. What triggers the disease to occur is a UDIN. That UDIN can be triggered by something else in the field. As we see from the effects of Epigenetics. So what causes the body to get the disease is not the environmental overload but the UDIN. Now it is also good to say that of you remove these environmental things, your threshold to deal with the UDINs goes up. So you don’t get a disease. As regards microbes, these all start to become active in the Parasympathetic stage of a disease. Although these microbes are still in the body during the sympathetic part of a disease. So if a person is under considerable stress through the environmental situations, a stressful job as an example, then when they rest, such as they go on holiday, they get a problem and come down with the flu or a gastric issue. Or something even worse. Does that answer your question. Richard

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