Two Dozen Vibrant Health Secret Experts for Your Mind, Body & Soul

It's hard to get maximum results and function at your highest level if you don't feel good. You know what it’s like to deal
with stress and struggle.

Now it’s time for you to discover what it’s like to live when you feel great ... when your body is functioning with full vitality and energy and how it will transform all areas of your life!

We could all use some extra vitality and more consistent energy.

That’s why I am very excited to let you know that I’m a speaker in a free series that can help you feel better and tap into unlimited amounts of energy that allow you to create a peaceful, stress-free, vibrant and healthy life full of love, abundance, great relationships and more!

Join me (at no charge) to get simple tips and advice on how to get healthy in your personal life ... your professional life ... your mind ... your body ... and your soul!

You can sign up for free

What could you do with more energy? What would you create?
How many more people could you serve? How much more abundance
would flow into your life? How would your relationships improve?

You just need the latest cutting-edge secrets to help you rediscover your vitality so you can live life on your terms.

During Your Vibrant Health Secrets 3, I’ll be speaking, along with a stellar lineup of health, fitness and transformation experts including Rikka Zimmerman, Ann Taylor, Dr. Joe Rubino, Paul Scheele, Larry Crane, Gary Douglas, Christel Hughes, Nomi Shannon, Andrea Albright, Sonia Ricotti, your host Alison Heath and many more!

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Twice per month beginning Jan. 23rd, a new interview will be broadcast live and they'll send you an email with the access info for the call so you can listen in. It’s easy to listen by phone or over the Internet. There’s nothing to download and there are no complicated technical instructions.

You will have 72 hours to listen to the presentation before it disappears. You can listen to each presentation as many times as you want within the 72-hour period, at no charge!

When you sign-up today, you get access to 24 individual sessions – all about one hour long – absolutely free. It's time to get the breakthrough you need and want for a healthier lifestyle, greater success, better relationships, more wealth and abundance, heightened awareness of your body and how you can heal yourself ... whatever it is that you are looking for.

No matter WHO you want to be, there is an expert who will lead you through simple processes to help overcome your blocks and fears to
allow you to feel great and be vibrantly healthy!

You can listen to these inspiring programs with our compliments:

• 4 Steps to Sexy: Accelerate Your Fat Loss & Be Slim and Tone with
Andrea Albright, fabulous yoga instructor and weight-loss expert

• Managing Your Energy and Emotional Security for Vibrant Health
with Christel Hughes, inspiring Holistic Life coach, known by many
as the "Spiritual Trainer to the Stars"

• The Secret Ingredient to Create Ultimate Success and Manifest
your Dreams with Dr. Joe Rubino, internationally acclaimed personal
development trainer, success coach, best-selling author and
information publisher

• The Three Fail Safe Steps to Success to Starting (Then Staying)
Raw with The Raw Gourmet, Nomi Shannon

• How to Eliminate Negativity From Your Life with best-selling
author, self-made millionaire and a coach to the coaches Larry Crane

• How to Make Money Fall In Love With You with Morgana Rae,
the world’s top ‘Relationship with Money’ coach

• How to Snap Back from Adversity with world-renowned energy healer
and teacher Ann Taylor

• The Beauty of the I AM Vibrancy for Sensational Health with
abundance and mastery coach Harrison Klein

• The Peaceful Path to Prosperity in this New Era with #1
best-selling author Sonia Ricotti

• How to Create Bursting Well-Being in Every Aspect of Your Life!
with your host Alison Heath Longevity Rescuer

• Go From Destructive to Dazzling in No Time with Goddess Star

• And much, much more, including a special appearance by Rikka

All at no charge for you!

These talented teachers are world-renowned experts who have enhanced and changed the
lives of thousands and thousands of individuals.

Their techniques and methods are easy to implement and proven to be powerful.

They are coming together in this extraordinary free online event to help you discover the healthy and vibrant you and help you rise above the disappointments and chaos of our days and to enjoy a rewarding and satisfying life.

Click here for more details and to sign up for free:

Please join me in a celebration of your vibrant health and longevity!

I'll see you there,

Richard Flook

P.S. You won’t find this amazing gathering of leaders and experts
anywhere else. Becoming healthy in your mind, body and soul is
just a click away.
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Richard Flook is an expert on stress and disease with a focus in Alternative and Integrative Health with an extensive background in Integrative Health Coaching, Energy Therapies, EFT, NLP, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. His extensive work within these fields includes training 1000's of top blue chip company/corporation executives, medical and alternative practititoners. He is also a highly sought after speaker and health coach. His 20+ years of research and advancements in these fields lead him to discovering the strategies he calls "Advanced Clearing Energetics"(ACE). These strategies help uncover the root stress of an illness and assist the client to clear out the energy behind those stressors and rapidly increase the healing process. ACE can be used with any medical or alternative modality. His Revised book, "Why Am I Sick - What's really wrong and how you can solve it using Advanced Clearing Energetics" was released through Hay House Publishing in July 2013 and he is currently working on his 3rd book.

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