What Matters Most Show Host Eric Anzalone Interviews Karin Davidson & Richard Flook

Karin Davision, Eric Anzlone & Richard Flook
Karin Davidson is interviewed by host Eric Anzalone on the What Matters Most Show.

Karen Davidson is a international trainer and EFT expert. Karin also is a co-author of the book EFT Level 1 and Level 2 Comprehensive Training Resource. During her interview with Eric Anzalone she demonstrates how easy and effective the EFT tapping technique is to use on anxiety. The EFT technique is proven to work on a variety of issues like depression and Post tramatic stress disorder.

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Richard Flook is interviewed by host Eric Anzalone on the What Matters Most Show.

Richard Flook is an established Hay House author of the book "Why Am I Sick" and the originator of Advanced Clearing Energetics. Richard set out a goal from a young age to uncover the real reasons why we become sick with illness and disease. As a young adult Richard began his journey and dove into the pool of research to try to uncover why he had lost his mother at such a young age to breast cancer. In results, he has created a program that teaches us why we have pain, illness and disease. Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE) for short has been assisting people across the globe to begin their own healing journey from depression, anxiety, muscle pain, heart conditions to cancer.

Richard Flook works with Anzalone by using ACE to uncover the real issues behind his chronic back pain.

Richard Flook demonstrates how Advanced Clearing Energetics works by helping Eric Anzalone uncover the real issues behind his crippling back pain that he has been suffering with for years. This technique is very simple to use and the results are almost instantaneous.

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