ACE Changes Everything, not just the Pain.

Oliver, my 5 year old son, and his friend built a pretend fort in our living room along with my wife, Kristin. When Kristen came to take it down, she fell, putting her outreached arm out to stop her fall. I heard her and I knew something was not right. Nothing was broken but, she had disrupted something which that night was to rear it's ugly head.

She did not sleep at all, so the next morning, Sunday, we went to 'Urgent care'. Had she broken something? Was something more sinister going on? We both naturally wanted to know since pain killers were having no effect and anything I did only marginally reducing the pain.

After an X-Ray and examination, the good news was nothing was broken. The bad news, my wife was diagnosed with severe tendinitis. This meant a build up of calcium in the shoulder. I had treated her only a month before because she had been complaining about her shoulder being painful and her range of motion restricted. Our ACE work was successful, the pain was reduced massively and her range increased. But it appeared after this tendinitis diagnosis that either we had not solved the problem completely or more likely it was still completing its healing.

It became even more interesting as Kristin spoke to her brother. We know that he has been suffering from a frozen shoulder for some time. He told us horror story after horror story, about how doctors can do nothing, that the problem would last for years. That if we did not deal with the pain, have a cortisone injection and do exercises after exercises, the shoulder would become frozen, like his, and unfreeze a couple of years later with a repeat of the severe pain.

The next day, she went to see her doctor and she confirmed the 'Urgent Care' doctor's diagnosis. She is also Kristin's brothers doctor and she was amazed because they both had exactly the same issue. What is even more amazing is Kristin and her brother are fraternal twins!

What was the cause?

Well, that night I again worked with Kristin using ACE. We found out that the underlying issue was all to do with her space being taken over by my work friends who stayed for 2 weeks, and the house not being as she wanted it, the play fort right in the middle of our living room was merely an example of this. But it was her not having the 'Strength' to say NO, to Oliver, his friends, me and my work friends and instead her 'shouldering' all the burden. It is so like my wife and I know her brother is similar in his ways as well.

We dealt with this problem but also another. That was to do with swelling, since the treatment the 'Urgent Care' doctor gave her was an anti-inflammatory injection followed by prescribing over the counter anti-inflammatories (basically ibuprofen). These had a small effect, by the way, but ACE had a massive effect. The second night she slept. We also used homeopathy and she went to our homeopath and had regular manipulation and laser sessions.

So what has been the outcome?

Well it's been a week since she fell over. Tonight, as I write this, she said 'I feel more normal today than I have all week.' Granted, it's not healed completely but, she's definitely on the mend and quickly too. Each day she is getting more movement back and she is sleeping throughout the night with little to no pain. The secret, ACE and plenty of rest, without stress, to allow the body to heal itself.

As for me, I have been the caregiver, husband, Dad, the Mum to Oliver, while running the ACE business, sleeping in a separate room, getting up early and going to bed late, doing the washing, looking after the house, walking the dog 4 times a day etc etc. I am exhausted! How on earth do single parents do this I have no idea. But I know, deep down, it is all for the good. She is my soul mate, my lover and my rock, to have her back to her real self is more important than anything for me.

Kristin would not be where she is now, a week later, if I had not given her the time to clear the trapped energy and heal herself. She spoke to her brother over the weekend and explained how things have changed a lot and how she is getting movement back in her shoulder. He said, 'Well, you obviously don't have the same problem as me.' He's done a lot of physiotherapy and manipulation, been to see all the medical people he can, but he has never cleared the trapped energy around the problem, and that's whats so important and where ACE is so amazing.

Today, Kristin also told me 'I don't want work friends, ever again, staying with us, in our home.' She told me this before, many times, and I have just smiled thinking she was not being serious. But this time she really meant it.

ACE changes everything not just the pain.

Richard Flook is an expert on stress and disease with a focus in Alternative and Integrative Health with an extensive background in Integrative Health Coaching, Energy Therapies, EFT, NLP, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. His extensive work within these fields includes training 1000's of top blue chip company/corporation executives, medical and alternative practititoners. He is also a highly sought after speaker and health coach. His 20+ years of research and advancements in these fields lead him to discovering the strategies he calls "Advanced Clearing Energetics"(ACE). These strategies help uncover the root stress of an illness and assist the client to clear out the energy behind those stressors and rapidly increase the healing process. ACE can be used with any medical or alternative modality. His Revised book, "Why Am I Sick - What's really wrong and how you can solve it using Advanced Clearing Energetics" was released through Hay House Publishing in July 2013 and he is currently working on his 3rd book.

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One comment on “ACE Changes Everything, not just the Pain.
  1. Kate Strong says:

    Glad Kristin is on the mend. And yes Richard, no work friend free loaders lol

    Yes, ACE does change everything, something will change about life in order to heal.

    I suppose I wanted to point out that the difference between what you did and single parents is that at least Kristen was still there as emotional support. You still got to talk about Oliver with someone who loves him just as much as you do. Single parents not only have the daily grind but not having that other person there as support is probably more exhausting. The buck stops at you.

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