ACE & Matrix Reimprinting Demo For Bipolar

Richard Flook and Karl Dawson use Advanced Clearing Energetics and Matrix Reimprinting to clear out the triggers that are the cause of Cathy's Bipolar disorder. During this demonstration Richard proves that bipolar is a process that can be unraveled.  Watch as he triggers Cathy's mania and depression.  The technique that Richard uses is something that is taught in ACE. In order to help a client completely heal, it is essential that you understand this process when treating a client with bipolar or any other mental health conflict.  

If you clear the reason for the triggers it will balance the energy in the brain, the client will return to normality effortlessly and naturally.  Watch how Richard Flook uses ACE to find the triggers and then how Karl Dawson clears the root of the triggers using Matrix Reimprinting. 

Nearly a year later, Cathy stated during a telephone conversation with one of Richards students that she has not had any episodes of mania or depression and that she feels fantastic.  

Advanced Clearing Energetics works beautifully with any other alternative health modality. Click now to find out more about Advanced Clearing Energetics courses.


What is Bipolar? 

Bipolar is; Mood disorders are conditions that cause people to feel intense, prolonged emotions that negatively affect their mental well-being, physical health, relationships and behaviour. In addition to feelings of depression, someone with bipolar disorder also has episodes of mania. Symptoms of mania may include extreme optimism, euphoria and feelings of grandeur; rapid, racing thoughts and hyperactivity; a decreased need for sleep; increased irritability; impulsiveness and possibly reckless behaviour [1].



[1] Canadian Mental Health - Bipolar Disorder



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