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Are Genetically Modified Foods Making You Sick?

There is a huge silent war going on. And it’s nothing to do with religion, oil or water but food. It’s being fought inside you, in your belly and it’s because that food is Genetically Modified. Many of us are

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On the Set of ACE Taping

It’s a busy week here in Canada! We just completed the ACE level 2 – day 1 taping. Here Richard is on the set of the a 2 day long recording session in St. Catharines, ON. On Monday he will

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New Book Set for Official Launch

This week Richard Flook was included as a full page feature article in the Lifestyle section of Niagara This Week as he prepares for his first book launch party and Book Signing in his hometown. The full article can be

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Taking Statins

I was recently asked a question about Statins: “I remember you saying something about statins, that they weren’t good and they had some nasty side effects like the brain failing. What are the natural sources of statins?” Statins reduce the

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Book Samples – Brain CT Examples

CT and MRI images from the book Here are some of the images taken from the book so you can review them and take a closer look at some of the elements that I point out in the book. The

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