David Kamnitzer: “Robin Williams, Suicide and Us”

Robin Williams .... Suicide ... and Us ....

The Holy Spirit, given our PERMISSION, can use ANYTHING for HIS Purposes ... which are really One with our True Purpose (which is to BE the Love that we are).

Robin's death, and the way he did it ...speak to the enormous frustration, anger, and mood of resignation in which he was entangled.

Does this sound familiar?

David Kamnitzer
We, both individually and collectively, have an opportunity to look at OUR frustration, anger, and mood of resignation ... squarely, committedly, and without blame. Many of the great artists, healers, and teachers are leaving the United States. Not all physically make their transition. Many are moving to other countries.

Now ... I am not saying that is "wrong".

However, it speaks to a condition of deep "unworkability" profoundly etched in the current version of the United States "Story" -- an unworkability that requires clear "exposure" if it is to be transformed and fully healed.

I say that this sea of unworkability is correlated with the arrogance of ego and what I shall call CONSTRUCTIVSM ... the notion that ALL reality is a construction of the human mind ... and that everything is relative ... and that there are no True Principles and that Enlightenment is simply another point of view.

This is the prevailing "political correctness" -- the water we swim in.

In counterpoint to this, we see the other extreme of righteous fundamentalism and sophistry -- certainly a climate ripe for mercenaries and dictators of all types! Might I suggest we look at our VALUES ... and how we vote with our time, attention, and money?

We pay a man to hit a round ball with a stick $25 million dollars a year, and we pay a teacher $50,000 a year. Medicare pays $50,000 to keep a person alive for a few more weeks, but there is no money available for a few thousand dollars to set a person up for a a lifetime of wellness.

We have money for bombs and not for families.
We focus on Kim and Paris ... and not on GMOs.
We spend more on our cars than we do on learning.
We rape forests and tear down trees in order to satisfy our whims.

No wonder many creative individuals do not feel welcome and joyful.

What is ONE STEP ... YOU could take today to SUBSTANTIATE your commitment to co-create a world that allows more Joy and Peace and Workability to show up? ... Are you WILLING to take that step today?

... Then TAKE IT!

My step is to write this missive.

Feel free to share as you are Guided. I write this not to blame ... simply to invite a deeper inquiry into the POSSIBILITIES for healing and increased LIFE that may come from Robin's passing from this world.

Blessings ... and Namaste! -- Dr. David Kamnitzer

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