What is ACE Really?

Hundreds of emails fly across our inboxes on a daily basis. Since Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE) is a relatively new development, we get many questions about it that we thought we'd address those in an article.

I have the absolutely incredible honour of working with Richard Flook on a daily basis. As his business manager, besides running things behind the scenes, I am often the first point of contact for emails coming through. It's a great opportunity for me to get to know people, meeting some of the most incredible people over the last 4 years when we began as a team. So answering questions is no strange feat and I will answer most of your questions about ACE here.

What is ACE?

Advanced Clearing Energetics is a set of coaching strategies that allow a practitioner to work with a client to help the client resolve their own health issues. What we know is that specific stressful events cause certain diseases, the scientific proof is there, there is no denying that. ACE techniques allow a client to easily and effortlessly find the root stressor, release that stress and transform the pain into learning. Then the body begins to naturally heals itself. The client does the actual work. Practitioners are merely instructors (like a yoga instructor) who guides the client through the moves but the client is doing the work and getting the benefits.

How long has ACE Existed?

Officially ACE Was launched in July 2013 as an online course and through Richard's book "Why Am I Sick" published by Hay House. However it began much sooner going back to 2009 when Richard began developing a step by step process to translate theory into useable coaching skills. As of October 2013, there are over 400 ACE Practitioner/Trainees worldwide and continues to grow by leaps and bounds as it gains recognition across alternative, complimentary, integrative and traditional medicine health practices.

Do you need to be in health care to become an ACE Practitioner?

No. Anyone who has an interest in health and helping people help themselves, can take this course. You can be a beginner and start a new career as a practitioner or trainer and have clients or students worldwide.

If I am working with clients using another modality, is ACE recommended for me?

ACE will enhance and compliment whatever you're currently doing. It is truly integrative in nature so it can be meshed with whatever practices you already have in place, easily and more effectively. Take a look at some of the backgrounds of current ACE Practitioners!

I have read the descriptions of ACE and wonder if its the same thing Richard taught in previous years when doing META-Medicine?

ACE is completely different then what was previously taught by Richard. Richard has many backgrounds in alternative health including NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnotherapy, META-Medicine (now META-Health), including influences from GNM, EFT, Matrix, NES, Crystals, and various other modalities. You will find some of these influences in ACE with further cited documented scientific research to back everything up. Some topics may "seem" familiar but are taught from a completely brand new perspective that includes these new ACE strategies.

What Richard found was that while training past courses, though informative, it lacked a basis to make the information useful - there wasn't a process to take the theory and put it into practice. Another barrier was the complexity of the theory. Unless you were well versed in medical knowledge, there would be information that simply would go over someone's head as they may be lacking in background education.

Richard has been in the alternative field for over 20 years, researching and developing the alternative health field and improving his coaching skill set. Since 2009, Richard has been focused on changing issues he faced as a coach. In 2010 he began developing a set of coaching strategies to work with clients using the theory learned, and working to make things much more simple. He found that these strategies worked not just for what he was teaching but acted independently of it and integrated into other modalities nicely. This process began the formation of ACE.

How long are the course levels?

ACE is very simple and easy to understand. The "learning component" for each level is usually a weekend in length. Level 3-6 have further group mentorship calls available and curriculum requirements but each level is self paced without time constraints. You can develop through each level on your own time and you have lifetime access. You do not need to re-certify at any level. If you take an online course, you have complete access to refresh your knowledge by simply reviewing the course videos.

If you took a live course through a qualified ACE Trainer (verification required) and want access to the online video's for refresher, there is a reduced fee for you to register for each online course level and you would have lifetime access. You can request access by emailing us at ace@whyamisick.com if you took a course under another ACE Trainer.

Are these Courses Accredited

Each course level is accredited through IAACE (International Association of Advanced Clearing Energetics).

I have enough trouble finding clients now, how can ACE help?

In past years, we heard the struggles of students trying to find clients. We wanted that to change when we introduced ACE and create opportunities for you to be successful.

As you go through the levels and reach level 3, you open up opportunities for recognized branding as a practitioner along with branding materials that pre-qualify you as a recognized Practitioner. Certificates are available for each level and carry official seals which you can display prominantly and proudly to your clients. You also have the benefits of Association Membership (at no cost to ACE Practitioners) for Personal and Professional development opportunities.

In ACE Level 4-6 even more attention is given to Marketing your business, developing your skills, attracting clients, marketing your skills, showing you how to teach, and much more. We want to make it simple for you to fill your client list and become hugely successful. We consider you a valuable member of the ACE Team and you won't be left in the cold to fend for yourself. If its a guiding hand you need, the team will be there to assist you toward your goal in whatever way we can.

We also introduced new programs including adding your business to our publicly searchable directory, Partnership program, and Affiliate Program. All these options assist in generating awareness and attracting new people to your business or offer opportunities to generate additional income.

Other opportunities will be implemented in the future.

Also, we can show you ways to open up your client base on a global scale so that you're no longer limited by location to attract new clients.

I would rather take a LIVE Training with Richard or another Trainer vs. online. Where can I find a local training?

Richard teaches across the globe but only a few times a year. This all depends on how many people show interest in those countries. We want to make it as simple as possible to help people get a training in their country by letting us know you're interested.

You can find a current list of where trainings are on the Live Trainings Page

I am not sure if I can commit to a course right now, where can i get more ACE Content?

Your best resource would be to grab a copy of Richard's book "Why Am I Sick - How you can solve it using ACE" available on Amazon or get your personalized copy from our online store.

Will I learn how to integrate it with what I am currently doing?

In the online courses, you will be given demonstrations of how ACE works with specific modalities. We have a list a mile long of potential modalities it could integrate with.

We hope to cover many of them but there is also an opportunity to get involved in our Partnership program and our Trainers training programs, to put additional, specific trainings together that will offer what you suggest. As we are still infant in our stage of introducing ACE, this may not be offered immediately but we know that many practitioners are working towards that eventual goal. When it happens those special trainings will be offered either as an online course or through a home study course on our network product shop.

Will I be able to learn about specific disease or illness topics using ACE?

Again, we have a list a mile long and would love to cover them all. As mentioned above, many practitioners have shown an interest in offering to partner with us in the future to offer expertise on a topic and when that happens, they will be offered through the website as an online course or home study product.

You've given me a lot of information but I still have questions. Where can I reach you to ask my questions?

The best way to reach us is by emailing ace@whyamisick.com. As we don't have traditional "staffed" office space and work remotely from our own offices, travel on a regular basis or Richard could possibly be with a client, we don't have a central phone. However, if you leave us a callback number in an email one of us can kindly return your call as soon as we're able. If you have Skype, you can leave that contact name as well.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn a little more about ACE.


Karen Hilts is the Business Manager for ACE providing Administration, Internet Marketing, and Web Development. A former social worker, a mother of 3 (oldest being autistic) Karen was attracted to the idea of working with someone in the alternative health field. Karen currently holds an ACE Level 2 Practitioner Certificate with plans to continue her studies. She is a regular contributor to the ACE Blog and ACE Your Marketing (Level 4).

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